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African leading Sports Broadcaster Supersport Symbiotic relationship with African Football improved substantially in 2015

African leading Sports Broadcaster Supersport Symbiotic relationship with African Football improved substantially in 2015

2015 has seen the exponential growth in African football despite the many side shows and serious allegations leveled against FIFA top mandarins by crime busters.

One of the key and main players that have contributed to the impressive growth and development of the game in the African Continent over the years and crowned a brilliant 2015 season has been Africa’s leading sports broadcaster Supersport.

Despite emerging business rivalry in the region,Supersport still maintain the number one spot as the best broadcaster that has remained consistent,innovative,very popular,competitive and above all flexible helping build local leagues across Africa.

Supersport direct relationship with top African leagues in many countries like South Africa,Kenya,Zambia,Nigeria,Ghana,Zimbabwe,Zambia, has ensured that fans in Africa continue to enjoy the most innovative experience in football every week on SuperSport, featuring international stars as we all know Football without super stars is like tea without sugar.

Apart from the leagues,international tournaments have also been broadcast like Cecafa Kagame Cup,Cecafa Senior Challenge,Cosafa some of the oldest football tournaments in Africa plus 2015 was a sweeter year as football fans across Africa with Caf Champions League,Caf Confederations Cup,CHAN Qualifers,Afcon and World Cup Qualifers added to the bouquet.

Televised games have fueled have led to a dramatic increase in the popularity and profitabilityof football across Africa as Fans set aside time each week to watch their favorite teams play on midweek and on weekends.

The feeling of De Ja Vu is real as the broadcast of matches by Supersport across Africa has given football players a new wave of hope and determination to succeed internationally.

Magazine shows have come in handy becoming very significant for the players because it shoots their status and profile sky high onto a new pedestal of respect and prosperity as coaches benefit too in the latest information windfall with Replay provided to coaches,players and viewers with visual evidence, in slow motion, to second-guess the judgment calls officials made on the spot at full speed and accurate judgement.

In the live televised matches teams are able to get pre- and post-game reports via magazine shows , analysis, and human-interest stories which have increased the amount of air-time available for coverage.

Supersport broadcast has added more and better cameras, instant replay reviews that have indeed improved the quality of football with high-definition video gives officials a clearer view of what actually happened as demand for accurate information grows.

It has been a long term symbiotic relationship between Supersport and African football that has forever changed football in the continent not just by how the game is viewed but also understood and marketed as well as how its played,operated and officiated.

Growth of football in Africa is symbiosis in action. Supersport Television technological advances,have been embraced in the Leagues/competitions and are used to improve the quality of the product the broadcasters are showing to African football lovers.

Superport Television’s impact on the beautiful game in Africa has been realized in other ways by teams and by the league for example It didn’t take coaches long to realize the power of cameras and film as coaching tools.

It’s been a brilliant 2015 in the relationship between Supersport and African football a symbiosis that has remained formidable and difficult to break.2016 and susbsequent years should be even more better as footballers are helped to realize their dreams while playing football in Africa.











Appointed by CAF President Dr.Ahmad as CAF Media Expert. An expert on African football with over 13 years experience ,always with an ear to the ground with indepth knowledge of the game. I have worked for top publications including 7 years at until i founded to quench the thirst of football lovers across the continent. I have trained young upcoming journalists who are now a voice in African football.I have covered World Cup,AFCON,CHAN,Champions League,Confederations Cup,Cecafa,Cosafa,Wafu and many other football tournaments across the World. Founder Football Africa Arena(FAA),Founder

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