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Al Ahly express desire to resume League matches

Al Ahly express desire to resume League matches

Egyptian club Al Ahly have expressed their desire to see the Egyptian Premier League resume despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Ahly urged the urged the country’s governing body to make necessary plans so that the league is not abandoned.

“There is no reason to rush the decision to cancel the league since there is still enough time as the Olympic Games were postponed for next year, as well as the African qualifiers,” the statement read.

“And if we take into consideration that the current season started last September, and therefore, the new season can start in October, as it happened in the past.”

The clubof the century argued that if the league remains suspended, clubs in the league will not earn their revenue from sponsors.

The Club statement further states, “most league clubs have paid around 85% of the wages for players, staff, and managers for the current season while not receiving half the amount of earnings they should from sponsorships, TV deals, etc.”

The Egyptian Premier League was suspended in April, 2020 due to the after the Egyptian Government enforced strict measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. As a result of the pandemic, the EFA have not yet set a resumption date for the league with many clubs facing financial repercussions due to the pandemic, the reason that led Al Ahly to release a statement on Saturday.

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