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Anger management: Adel Amrouche scores dismaly on this

Anger management: Adel Amrouche scores dismaly on this

Adel Amrouche latestBy Fredrick Nadulli,
Coach Adel Amrouche is leading a silent revolution in Kenyan football.Before he arrived,the Harambee stars had not won the regional cecafa cup for eleven years.

They trashed that infamous record last year.Since the Belgian took charge,the team has not lost an away fixture.So good has been the transformation that Kenya nearly beat their nemesis Nigeria in Calabar but for a last minute lapse in concentration.

Admittedly Adel is perfoming.However,there is one trait that seems to fail him at the most crucial of times and one that stalks him like his shadow.

His hot temper.This is his major undoing.


For failing to hold himself together in Nigeria,he was sent off the dug out with barely twenty minutes left.Kenya was leading.

They lost his direction and subsequently let in a goal in a game they had no business sharing spoils.It was theirs for the taking.

Amrouche has had serious run-ins with his assistant James Nandwa and Striker Dennis Oliech.

So bad have these feuds been that he fired Nandwa before the FKF intervened and played the devils advocate.The genesis of this feud has never come to the fore clearly.

Striker Dennis Oliech was left out of the team to Comoros after a bitter spat and a row that has been simmering for a while.

This afternoon the Calabar thunder struck again.With his team cruising and in dire need of his leadership,the coach needlessly lost his cool and got himself sent off.

Kenya did manage to hang on but heaven knows what would have transpired had Comoros won.


As a national coach,Adel Amrouche is a man under intense pressure.At times it may overwhelm him as it so does to even the world’s biggest coaching names,but as a team leader he should know where to draw the line.

On anger management he scores poorly.It looks absurd for players to be seen restraining their raging coach.It should actually be the other way round.
Granted,Adel is a fine tactician and probably Kenya’s solution.

He must lead from the front if he harbours any ambition of taking the team places.He needs to tame his hot temper.

N/B Fredrick Nadulli is a former Kenyan International and Mathare United player

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