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Anim Addo: Government must come to the aid of Ghanaian clubs

Anim Addo: Government must come to the aid of Ghanaian clubs

Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee member Samuel Anim Addo has called on government to consider providing a Covid-19 stimulus package for Ghanaian clubs.

Addo says government must find a way of supporting Football Clubs in this difficult period to enable them survive.

“If we are going to always raise funds from our own pockets – the little we’ve earned from our private businesses – into the game, then we are in for trouble,” Addo is quoted by Ghana Web.

“It is time that we get support from government and corporate organizations to make sure that the game will be played the way it ought to be played because all these corporate brands use football to promote their brands.

“It is clear that they use football as a channel so they have to come in so that the game will rise to the level we all want and then we enjoy the fruit of it.

“We the people in the game in Ghana are really suffering because the little that I have saved through private businesses for my family has to be used for the game.

“In our part of the world, what we do is to pay the boys [with the little we have] until we get a transfer fee from a boy who gets to Europe. Then we get some good money, else all the money you earn from a private business will have to be invested into the game.”

Sport in Ghana has not included in a Covid-19 stimulus package announced by the government and Ghana League Clubs Association,(Ghalca) chairman Kudjoe Fianoo is unhappy.

“If government is not ready to help us, it is the nation that loses. This is an eye-opener to the clubs, in our rush for football to resume, people want to take us for granted. We have not asked government to put money in the pocket of club owners,” Fianoo said.

“We claim football is the passion of the nation, these club owners are suffering due to Covid-19 and government is not ready to help them?

“If these people decide not to invest in football again, they will not be arrested.

“We are all here, we will see what will happen to the ‘passion of the nation’. Something must be done to save football. We will need to reassemble and decide the next step.”

The already cash strapped teams in Ghana have been hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak and are making losses because matches are not being played.

The GFA is hoping that matches could at least resume behind closed doors owing to the fact that all football activities came to a halt since March 15.

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