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CAF implement guidelines for competitions resumption

CAF implement guidelines for competitions resumption

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) have released a series of guidelines to follow ahead of the return of any competitions in the continent.

As some countries in Africa, such as Egypt, have decided to resume their league activities, CAF have announced some guidelines to follow in order to ensure the safety of the players and anyone involved.

In a 27-page document, Africa’s football governing body have given some advice in order to avoid any issues.

When it comes to physical fitness considerations, they said that it is desirable that the first 2 weeks be planned at the rate of one match every 7 days. It is only afterwards that the rhythm of 2 matches every 7 days can be introduced.

As for the resumption of training, they had recommended three periods. The first one will be dedicated to medical and athletic tests. Then the players, could resume training individually for 7 days before training in small groups for a week. And finally they would come for the collective recovery.

In the recovery phase players will be expected to return to training already wearing their uniforms, with gloves and masks. And only six players would be allowed in the field at the same time.

Additionally, prior to the games there will be designated residents for teams, managers and referees. All players should have designated transports and all venues should be decided before hand.

All closed sites used for training and matches will have to be disinfected constantly as well as all the equipment used.

These guidelines were creates by the CAF Development Division, the CAF Medical Committee, the CAF Technical and Development Committee and the CAF Men and Women Elite Instructors.


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