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Can Mufulira Wanderers stop the losing treck at Zanaco



Zanaco vs Mufulira Wanderers
Heroes stadium
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Just three weeks of the super league Mufulira Wanderers’s relegation fears are on, Suleiman is in grave danger of those comments he brought in the Exco as the reason for this dismal start to the season. Returning from emphatically embarrassed defeat to City of Lusaka they take on ZANACO who also lost away to Green Eagles in Choma.

The demoralising home defeat to City of Lusaka last weekend has left Mufulira Wanderers under genuine trouble and a chance of going three losses on a trot. Suleiman urgently requires at least one win but this fixture doesn’t look like a solace for the team.

Numba Mumamba is only concerned with ensuring ZANACO’s season does not fizzle out and finish a damp squib, a dilemma Suleiman would gladly swap his current predicament for. Mufulira Wanderers have conceded 7 goals in only two games so far this season, yet this was the defence which was very good last season. Something is seriously wrong.

And the defending champions won’t be in the mood for charity work knowing they also have troubles of their own and start the weekend in relegation zone. These two teams have similar problems of letting their good players leave but Zanaco benefited too from Mufulira Wanderers hence they seem to be better off.

Am not seeing Suleiman and his boys stopping this ZANACO side from again getting as many goals with what I saw at Shinde and they have a more stronger defence than than of City.

I repeat, its a tall order for Mighty.

My Verdict: ZANACO 3-0 Mufulira Wanderers

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