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Coaching in Africa is food to my soul – Coach Micho

Coaching in Africa is food to my soul – Coach Micho

Uganda Cranes head coach Milutin  Sredjovic says he relishes the creativity and challenges that come with coaching in Africa.

Popularly known as Coach Micho, Sredjovic tells that he has ignored going outside Africa where there are better offers because of the unbelievable experience he has with  African football players.

“Kelvin, I have an unbelievable experience with African Players because  I come from similar East European background where sport or football is not just a game but way of survival.

“I directly assisted to 237 players to change their way of life as part of economical motivation that went to play football professionally changing their life forever that makes me proud and happy man. African players are my exclusive reason why I stayed in Africa and refuse to move in areas where finances are much better. Challenges and creativity that coaching in Africa brings is soul food to me,” Micho said.

Coach Micho said African Football is growing and that Football Administrators are putting in a lot of efforts to develop the game.

“I believe that African football administrators are moving football  forward  in all  aspects. I follow others but personal witness of numerous practical FUFA (Ugandan FA)  activities since Symposium 2015 that I have never seen this unbelievable  pace.

“However African football administration has unbelievable space for improvement and  I dream day when we shall succeed to reach the level of other continents in organisation then talent of Africa will smash others, ” He adds

And Sredjovic believes that African teams are not very far from winning the world cup once administration issues are sorted out.

“Once we sort out the above issues, we shall have right to talk of World cup, but if we continue with  logistics shame, fights for  financial issues, improvisations we can’t count that God/Allah will not allow us to win World cup,”

An African football Journalist based in the town of Kabwe, Zambia.

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