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Ethiopian Bunna have demanded two-months salary refund from Ugandan midfielder Kirizestom Ntambi for faking injury and sickness.

Ntambi signed a two-year-deal with Bunna seven months ago from relegated side Jimma Aba Bunna, but has hardly turnout for the Ethiopian Premier League on medical grounds.

However, recent medical tests suctioned by the club proved that the player is neither nursing an injury nor ailing.

“Since you were employed by the club, you have continuously claimed to be sick with several false injuries and undefined ailments. Though we did not believe it, we have been patient with you to date.

“We have finally asked our medical staff about your health condition and they have confirmed that you have no injury and are not sick at all.

“The MRI that you took proves this 100%. All along you have been faking injury and sickness.

“Please be informed that you must refund all the salary payments made to you immediately and your employment conditions with the club will be determined very soon,” a letter to the player from the club’s General Manager Getachew Yoseph reads.

Ntambi’s arrival, despite coming from a relegated side, was highly acclaimed as he was expected to replace Ethiopian international Panom Gatoch, who had left for Russia.





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