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Ethiopian Football Federation Vice President Tekelewani Assefa and the Secretary General Wenimkun Alayou wrote to FIFA, the world’s football body, Monday urging that the federation’s postponed elections be allowed to proceed this week as was initially planned.

The two are reported to have acted behind Juniedi Basha, the EFF president’s, back.

On 3rd November, FIFA in a letter to EFF “strongly” recommended that the elections be postponed until “necessary tools” for a credible process are put in place.

They include formation of an Electoral Committee to vet all candidates angling for the presidential post and those vying for Executive Committee slots.

Acting upon the advisory, the federation passed a decision to put on hold the polls, but only allow election of the Electoral Committee during Elective General Assembly starting Thursday through to Friday in Addis.

The move was however opposed by some members including Assefa and Alayou who see Basha’s hands in the FIFA letter.

They feel Basha “deliberately misinformed” the Zurich based body that the federation is not ready for the polls while it is him who wants to buy time to consolidate his support.

According to group against Basha, the process put in place is “free and fair and in tandem with democratic principles.”

They are also categorical that a sub-committee of the federation already vetted all candidates and there will be no need for the exercise to be repeated by another body.

Former EFF president Ashebir Wolde-Giorgios and former vice president Teka Asfaw are touted as hot favorites to grab the top seat.

There is however fears that the country could court a ban if the anti Basha group proceed with the elections without FIFA blessings as they have pledged.

Clubs and regional states contribute members to the assembly.

Eleven candidates from nine regional states and two from city administration are eying ten Executive Committee slots.

Five states have produced candidates for the presidential seat, they include;

Juneidi Basha – Dire Dawa City
Dr. Ashebir Wolde-Giorgis – Southern State
Teka Asfaw – Amhara State
Anteneh Feleke – Oromia State
Zedagem Melashene – Gambella State.




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