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Ex-Ivorian players are envious of Drogba, claims Ezeji

Ex-Ivorian players are envious of Drogba, claims Ezeji

Nigerian Footballer Victor Ezeji claims that Didier Drogba lost the vote from Ex- Ivorian players because of envy.

The 38-year-old Ezeji tells Goal that he was left shocked and unable to comprehend Didier Drogba’s defeat in the Ivorian football presidential election.

Drobga polled zero votes out of 14 votes available despite being the favorite to beat his challengers Idriss Diallo and Sory Diabate to the office.

Among the former players to cast their vote was Drogba’s former teammate Didier Zokora.

But the former Enyimba man describes the outcome as a sad and disappointing scenario.

“First, I will attribute this to envy because most times, ex-internationals seem to envy themselves especially when one is thriving, there are so much envy and bad blood,” said Ezeji.

“I think that is one of the things that must have led Drogba not getting a vote from any of the ex-internationals which is very absurd.

“In most sane countries, you’ll see ex-internationals head their FAs because it’s like putting a round peg in a round hole. That was what everybody expected it [the Ivorian election] to be.

“Personally, I thought Drogba would have a clean sweep because the ex-internationals were involved. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

“Also, when it comes to elections generally in Africa, people tend to sell their votes for envelopes. Drogba probably didn’t reach out to them or make mouthwatering promises.

“Like my friend would say, for you to know how popular you are, it is when you contest for an election.”

Some sections of the football Community in Ivory Coast attribute the outcome of the result due to Drogba’s lack of experience but Ezeji thinks otherwise.

“We might say he doesn’t have the experience, but there is no market in this world where experience is sold,” he added.

“Sometimes, you have to learn on the job and having played at the highest level, I think that’s enough experience.

“Again, they might have felt he is not capable enough to lead their FA, well, that’s their personal opinion which I don’t want to dabble into, but I still believe they should have stood by Drogba and see how it would go, unfortunately, they failed to do that.”

An African football Journalist based in the town of Kabwe, Zambia. Kelvin is a former Media Officer at Kabwe Warriors FC, a professional team that plays in the Zambian Super Division. He worked there for three years. He is also a freelance Photographer and Graphic designer. A co-presenter of a Sports Show on Power FM local radio station in Kabwe.


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