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The FAZ MTN Super League 2017 Season in the Eyes of many


Looking back….

The 2017 Zambia Soccer League came to close. And Zesco United are the Champions. The 6th title now in the diaplay cabinet. Aiming higher and higher to break the long standing histories held by legendary clubs like Nkana FC and Mufulira Wanderers.

These two massively supported sides dominated Zambian Football in terms of trophies in 70s, 80s and 90s…..but the transfer of mines from ZCCM to other investors brought its fare share of discontentment in football sponsorship and actually the entire sporting fraternity in the copperbelt.

Therefore strong government inclined companies are emerging as the new boys on the scene. Though another threat has since been noted in 2017 season.

Lusaka Dynamos and Buildicon FC have shown their intent to cause disturbances at the top.

In the final analysis, it was a four way battle to land title and could have been more than 7…had teams like Buildicon and Lusaka Dynamos should some consistency.

Looks like the script was written already .

But what do other people make of the 2017 Soccer season and Zesco winning it.

Bwezani talked to some experts as well as fans that follow Zambian football to the core.

Cliff Njobvu (National Chairperson of Zesco United fans)

On Zesco United winning the title

“It’s a relief to all Zesco United Fans and Supporters after having had a difficult time in terms of performance.”

About the 2017 Season

“2017 season has been a very exciting season with the gap between teams greatly reducing. The end to the season was so dramatic and interesting, it’s good for the growth of our league.”

Matimba Nkonje (CAF commentator)

About the 2017 Season

Suspense, intrigue best describes how the season had been. Zesco retained the core of the players, many had written off Zanaco because of the mass exodus of players at the start of the season


Ronald Kambani (Power Dynamos)

About Zesco Winningthe title

“They deserve it. Consistency ,planning and good organisation, congratulations to them. ”

Prince Cephas Mutambo (Zesco United Fan)

About Zesco United winning it and relegating Mufulira Wanderers

“Bwezani, that was a good display by zesco united especially Jesse Were and Lazarus kambole.”

He continues….

“To Mwila Mumba we told him about the players leaving Mufulira Wanderers and his response was players come and go but that does not reflect what has happened to this small team. Hard luck Mufulira Wanderers they met a matured Zesco United.”

About Social Media attacks

“Thanks Bwezani for coming to see me at my work place though some people perceive us to be enemies publish this to them so that they see .Thank you”

Namakau Mwape (Zesco United Fan)

Zesco Performance

“It was a dream come true!!!… even though I hoped that we get all the three trophies in 2017 including the Barclays,charity shield and the league but looking at the challenges we had encountered on the way it didn’t happen but all in all..we are champions and that is the most important thing.Thanks to the players they fought through it all just too make us proud.Thank you zega you’ve done it for the Boss lady.”

Mirriam (Zesco Fan)

“BM have been speechless since that win on Saturday .. The only thing i can say is thank you to the Zesco players, exco, fans and supporters for the job well done. This season we have gone through a lot but because of hard work and togetherness we are Champions now .

Malcolm Jhala (ZANACO and Zambian football expert)

ZSL has come of age, very competitive and has sparked interest in other African players to come and play their trade here. I would have loved Zanaco to successfully defend their title but it wasn’t to be.”

Player who impressed

Augustine Mulenga was a revelation this season and took up the challenge, wishing him the best and hope he stays to play continental football.

About the relegation of Mufulira Wanderers

Maite put in a last minute fight but it was too late to stage a comeback, the damage was already done. Hopefully they can bounce back.

The resurgence of some teams

The resurgence of Lusaka Dynamos and Buildcon with their big money, raises questions of sustainability as the league itself does not generate that kind of money and is overpricing the game and players which could be be detrimental if not checked.

FAZ input

Overall FAZ did OK but they need to sort out the player status mess as we don’t want boardroom decisions decide games.

About Zesco United winning the title

Well deserved, I think any of the 4 contenders would have deserved it as they all put on a good show for us the fans.

Dr Gabriel H Mpundu (Kabwe Warriors)

ZESCO Has been Consistent through Out. Winning important games When It mattered.

Therefore, them winning the league comes as no surprise. They, In My Opinion Deserved The Title.

To Zesco FC, Management, Technical Bench And Everyone Involved I Say Congratulations. Zambia Will Support You In Your CCL Campaign.


Wow that’s it and it’s the close of the league and there were surprises along the way…. City of Lusaka, Real Nakonde, Konkola Blades and Mufulira Wanderers will be playing in the second trye and will all fight to come back the soonest.

Zesco United and ZANACO will represent Zambia in the Champions League while Nkana and Green Buffaloes will take the nation to CAF confederation Cup.

We now have to start counting down for the 2018 season…..

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