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FAZ unveils Covid-19 relief package for clubs

FAZ unveils Covid-19 relief package for clubs

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has revealed that Super League Clubs will each receive $15,000 while National Division One clubs will receive $7, 500 each under the FIFA Covid-19 relief fund.

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga said at a consultative meeting with Super League Clubs and National Division clubs today that the Association is committed to give support to clubs to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

“FIFA has given all the member associations a grant of $1.5 million dollars which will be paid towards the end of August. There will be $500,000 paid and another $500, 000 paid in January,” the FAZ President said.

Kamanga said that Super League teams would account for 33% of the funds while the National Division One would get 15% with the developmental and provincial leagues receiving 10%.

“I can assure you that the Super League are getting the lion’s share which is 33%, National Division One will take 15% and the rest of the leagues who are provincial and development leagues will take 10%. FAZ is committed to be transparent and accountable. Integrity still remains our cornerstone.”

Kamanga also announced there is also $500, 000 which will be exclusively for the women’s teams and the women’s leagues.

Kamanga reaffirms that the Association’s is focused on investing in technology which will help enhance the game in the country.

“Another important area which is very key in modern football is the deployment of technology. I think our executive has been very clear that we need to enhance the management of the game. And particularly for the Super League and National Division One, we also want to introduce the GPS vests. That particular equipment is quite expensive and I think from our normal FIFA project funding, we took a decision as an executive that we can procure the GPS equipment for all the Super League teams and the National Division One teams under the FIFA Forward Support. So these are areas where we want to make sure that everyone is receiving the same level of support,” he adds.

The FAZ boss further urged clubs to forward submissions to develop new regulations that will govern the game as the football family looks to navigate the global coronavirus pandemic.

“We expect that this gathering will give us submissions which will be very key and important as we prepare for the next season, simply because we need now to get to a point where we develop new regulations which will guide how we run football under the Covid-19 challenges.

“FAZ will invest in infrastructure to handle testing protocols starting next season.”

Kamanga said FAZ had engaged the Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) who would collaborate with the FAZ medical committee in ensuring that testing protocols are dealt with better.

An African football Journalist based in the town of Kabwe, Zambia.


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