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Feizal Sidat recaptures Mozambique FA President seat

Feizal Sidat recaptures Mozambique FA President seat

It was an emotional day in Mozambique as Feizal Sidat recaptured the Mozambique Football Federation Presidecy seat he lost 4 years ago.

These were the most competitive elections ever held at the Mozambican Football Federation and had an audience that filled Sala Ferdinand Wilson at the Football House in Maputo with the 11 provincial voting associations.

Sidat beat the incumbent Alberto Simango Junior garnering 7 votes while Simango only managed 2.

Faizal Sidat returns to the presidency of the Mozambican Football Federation, after formerly serving two terms (eight years). Alberto Simango Júnior then served only one term which ended today.

In tears, Feizal Sidat told that he will work to develop Mozambican football for the next four years.

These are tears of joy, tears that football needs. Feizal Sidat returns to this well-known home, this infrastructure that he built with sweat and sacrifice. I think the will of the sportsmen, the will of the members prevailed. Our manifesto was very well received.“he said.

Wait for work. Feizal Sidat is a man who works in the field, can expect a lot of work and the team. Our manifesto will be fulfilled in full“he promised, remembering that his motto is”For a modern and inclusive football

In his squad, which will direct the destinations of Mozambican football in the 2020-2023 four-year period, Feizal Sidat has, for example, former player Paito, who in Portugal has made a name for himself with Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Feizal Sidat has announced that he will keep Portuguese coach Luís Gonçalves as national coach and said he is doing an excellent job, so “in a winning team, no change”.

The process was led by an Independent Electoral Commission chaired by jurist José Manuel Caldeira and was witnessed by an agent of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Sarah Solemale , as its president, Gianni Infantino, had promised during his recent visit to Mozambique.

It was a total of 11 votes corresponding to 11 provincial Associations.
Feizal Sidat got 7 votes
Alberto Simango 2 votes
Tico Tico Bucuane 2 votes

But one of Feizal Sidat votes was nullified so the final score is 6 – 2 -2

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