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FKF members must rescue Kenyan Football – Mwachiro

FKF members must rescue Kenyan Football – Mwachiro

Kenya Football Administrator and Football Kenya Federation Presidential aspirant Herbert Mwachiro has called on FKF members to rise and act swiftly to save Kenyan Football.

The former FKF Deputy CEO has raised concern over the “illegal” running of football in the country.

The current office’s tenure expired and per the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT), incumbent Nick Mwendwa was to supervise footballing activities in the country until elections are held.

“It is disappointing to note that over the last year football in Kenya has been run in a manner that goes completely against all principles of fair play,” Mwachiro said in a statement.

“Even worse, the FKF is being run currently without a legal mandate and this threatens the future of the beautiful game in Kenya.

“For football to flourish in Kenya fair play has to be learnt, experienced, promoted and protected both on and off the field.”

Mwachiro adds that a lot of people who depend on football are being affected by the way the football Federation is being run.

“The key victims of all this underhand behaviour are those who make a living from football, such as our footballers, coaches and referees,” Mwachiro added.

“This unsporting behaviour by those who are tasked with protecting the sport happens in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic when our society, health and economy is under stress means we no longer have the luxury of time. Hunger, health and housing issues threaten the football community in Kenya.

“FKF Members must act swiftly to save Kenyan football. It is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that without NEC in office, football operations are limited.”

Mwachiro also pointed out the most viable way to help solve the problem is to call for the Special General Meeting (SGM) with a set agenda to help in restructuring the administration of the game.

“FKF members must now call a Special General Assembly. Appoint an interim committee to oversight the election process of Kenyan football immediately,” he urged.

“The Electoral Board meets with stakeholders to draw up the electoral road map and agree on the electoral code in place.

“FKF members have the power to clean their own house. FKF members have a responsibility to all who make a living from football, such as our players, coaches and referees.”

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