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Football Kenya Federation(FKF) elections slated for December 21

Football Kenya Federation(FKF) elections slated for December 21

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) national elections will be held on December 21.

The exercise will start with branch polls on December 5 and pave way for national polls three weeks later.

The two dates have been proposed by the FKF executive committee and will be tabled at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 5 at Safari Park hotel.

Apart from confirming the dates of the elections, next month’s general meeting will also confirm names of those proposed to serve in the electoral board.

With slightly more than two months before the polls a number of candidates have shown interest in contesting for the top post.

On Wednesday, former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Sam Nyamweya said he is considering joining the race to be the next president.

The announcement came hardly a day after former Vihiga County Governor Moses Akaranga also joined the race to challenge Nick Mwendwa.

Former FKF Western Branch chairman Andrew Amukowa and former Kenya Football Coaches Association deputy secretary-general Khamisi Shivachi both from Western also want to contest.

The federation has released tough rules for those seeking to contest for any positions during the elections.

For the first time, candidates seeking to be elected as president must have a running mate who will become the deputy president if they are elected.

“Each candidate for the position of president must present a running mate. Failure to do that will lead to disqualification,” says part of the 26 page electoral code.

Candidates for the two positions will have to meet tough conditions among them receiving support from nine entities of the federation.

These include atleast five branches and one club taking part in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL), National Super League, national division one league, women premier league and women division one league.

A branch or a club can only give support to one candidate and those who give more than one support will be declared invalid.

This new rule is to avoid the mischief of branches giving support to more than one candidate as has happened in past elections. Declaration to support a particular candidate by a branch must be signed by the branch chairman and secretary while club chairmen will sign the declaration for support of a particular contestant.

Candidates seeking the position of president and vice president will pay a nomination fee of Sh400,000 each. Those seeking a National Executive Committee (NEC) post will pay Sh150,000 while those seeking the post of county chairman will pay Sh100,000.

As a general rule, the code makes it mandatory for all people seeking elective posts to have been active in football in various capacities either as an executive member, referee, assistant referee, coach, trainer, technical official, medic, player or administrator in three of the last four years before being proposed as a candidate.


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