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By Frederick Naduli aka Razor,

Kenyan football management as currently constituted is in deep limbo, lying comatose and crying out for a messiah to rescue it from the inevitable trap door.

With a broke and radar less KPL running the league on virtual empty, clubs struggling to keep their heads above the financial waters and big brother FKF shifting goalposts in the wake of looming national elections, the state of the game has sunk to a new low.

Football here is on it’s knees and daggers have been drawn across the spectrum.


Football Kenya Federation national elections were recently called off at the eleventh hour by the Sports tribunal after serious electoral anomalies were detected.

The process was flawed and bound to rubbish any notion of a free, fair and credible exercise.

As it stands, the outgoing administration, clearly hellbent on staying on by whatever means, has not complied with the crucial Sports act.

Four years ago since the last AGM was held and witnessed by representatives from CAF and FIFA, Nick Mwendwa’s regime, either by design or default has not found it prudent to conform and abide by certain rules leading up to an election of this magnitude.

The term of the current office ends on the night of February 10 and public opinion heavily suggests Mwendwa and co. are running helter skelter to lay the groundwork for a smooth transition into another term.

Echoes ring loud that the Federation is employing unorthodox means by using member clubs of it’s stable, the so called briefcase clubs, to help push through it’s ignominious agenda.

There has not been public participation as the constitution requires, delegates are being used to endorse an illegality and even the Sports minister has been sucked into the whole conundrum in a desperate attempt to beat the set timelines.

A planned ice breaker meeting at FIFA headquarters was quashed in the last minute after the Kenyan delegation cancelled their trip to Zurich on thr pretext of a “last minute amicable agreement “.

If the current deeds of shunning views of sub branches and locking out potential threats is anything to go by, Nick Mwendwa is on a mission to race alone all the way to the finish line.

He is setting rules and making suspect appointments at the electoral board that are clearly meant to skew the outcome in his favour.


Besides the dark election cloud hovering over, the federation’s accounting books are in serious shambles.

Funds from FIFA meant for development were spent on a phantom OB van that was never delivered and money given out by government for the 2019 Africa cup of Nations in Egypt has since not been accounted for.

For all his acrobatics, Nick Mwendwa finds himself boxing with shadows in the dark. Stakeholders are calling for his head and it remains to be seen whether he’ll slide into another term.

The author is a former Kenyan International and Mathare United player.

Disclaimer;Opinion is solely of the writer and not

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