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Mwendwa responds to SDT’s latest move on FKF polls

Mwendwa responds to SDT’s latest move on FKF polls

by Agnes Amondi

The push and pull between the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) and Football Kenya Federation (FKF) continues. 

FKF Chief Nick Mwendwa has denounced the virtual stakeholders roundtable meeting that took place on Tuesday afternoon. The forum organised by the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) chairman John Ohaga, was called in order to chart a way forward for fresh FKF polls.

Mwendwa condemned Ohaga for holding the meeting. He accused the tribunal of interfering with football elections and even possibly having vested interests in the polls.

“John Ohaga’s tribunal continues to interfere with football elections. In fact, I think the tribunal might have some interests which they haven’t stated,” 

“I have never seen a court inviting people to bring cases before it. I do not see judges speaking on cases they have ruled in the newspapers.” a frustrated Mwendwa said.

The FKF boss also reaffirmed the position of the federation. That it will wait for FIFA to convene a meeting that will forge a way forward on FKF elections.

“FKF will not be party to the “stakeholders” forum convened by the SDT. FKF is an institution bound by its constitution as well as the FIFA statutes,” FKF president said.

“We received the SDT’s ruling on March 17, 2020, and its further directions, and have abided by them, in good faith. FIFA has likewise been clear in its reply to us on the issue. We will, therefore, await its (FIFA) direction on the matter,” he added.

FKF did not attend the forum. Through a letter on Monday, it stated that the tribunal cannot play the role of an abitrator as it has, through its previous ruling on FKF elections not been “impartial and neutral”. 


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