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The Zambia premier league has produced a number of young talents in the past five season including the likes Mukuka mulenga, Ronald Kampamba ,Cletus Chota Chama,Patson Daka,Conlyde Luchanga and the list is endless.

One of the youngsters that are trying to build a name for themselves in the league is 22 year old Green Buffaloes Midfielder Fellon Sintonya jr.
Soka25east caught up with the youngster just to discuss his football career so far. : Good morning Fellon and welcome to this interview.

Fellon: Good morning and Thank very much : Who is Fellon Sintonya

Fellon : Fellon is just a simple and humble guy who was born in mufurila and grew up in Kabwe . : Tell me about your Football Background

Fellon :I started football at the edge of ten with ZAF Hotspurs in Kabwe. Later I joined young Chindwin centries and after some time and a lot of hardwork I graduated to the many team. Last year I joined Green Buffaloes and so far am enjoying it here. : Who has been the best coach you have played under?

Fellon : My best coach is Gary mwila. He is the person that started my career. He saw the talent in me and had belief in me. :Do you have an Idol, a player you look up to?

Fellon : My Green Buffaloes team mate Mfune Buchizya. I grew up watching him play in kabwe. I dreamed of being just like him one day and now we team mates. : Do you have a team you would like to play for one day outside Zambia.

Fellon : I would love to play at Old Trafford. I just like Manchester United as a club. Its a fantastic Club. : What would you have done if you were not a footballer

Fellon : Music. I love music very much so I would have been a musician.

Soka25east : Looking at how you have played as GBFC this season which position do you fancy your club finishing on?

Fellon : I think will finish on fifth position. : What was your best and worst game of the season?

Fellon : My Best game was against kabwe warriors. My worst game was against power dynamos. : What words do you have to say to the fans?

Fellon : They are very fantastic and They just have to keep on supporting us. : Thank Fellon for your time.

Fellon : You most welcome.

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