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Open Letter to Mike Okoth Origi

Open Letter to Mike Okoth Origi

Divork Origi

Divork Origi

By Francis Okello Ngira

Dear Mr. Okoth,

Following your conversation with‘s Collins Okinyo on your son Divock Origi’s inclusion in Belgium’s star studded team to the 2014 FIFA worldcup, I firstly, would like to go on record for congratulating you by helping the young man make the timely and wisest decision of his life;

I’d tell my son the same too; why play for a country that does not even know who and where her freedom fighters are?!

Just the other day we saw the former president’s kids and other persons  lined up at statehouse being awarded with OGW, CBS, and EBS medals.

I grew playing soccer on the dusty fields of Dandora and saw many of my peers hopelessly turn to crime and later on succumb ‘in the line of duty’ just because of poor management of the most loved sport in the country.

Though a difficult decision then, I decided to take an active role in shaping my destiny by studying with hopes of one day being reunited with the same sport.

Daily I cover live the African sport now and I can tell you the mess is far from over, especially in Kenya.

As I quickly scribble this letter, on one of our most interactive facebook pages, ‘KPL CHAT’ we are conducting a fundsdrive to take care of Gor’s once most dependable full back who has since been relegated due to an injury he sustained while playing for the club. The boy needs Ksh150,000 for his nose to undergo reconstrucrive surgery.

The club says it has no money. This is just one amongst many that never receive such publicity or totally go unreported.

Then you tell me a parent covering  such ugly experiences in this game like me would ask my son Amin to play the poorly managed sport? Never!

Congratulations to you and your family first, for bringing up Divock and secondly for harnessing such a talent in him as you have once again just like Lupita Nyong’o, Daniel Adongo, Victor Wanyama, McDonald Mariga, Barrack Obama and our many athletes put our name on the global arena.


#TeamBelgium we are!

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