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By Willis Awilo Oyugi,


Its hard not to admire the reigning Kenyan Premier league  champions GorMahia.The side has been very consistent in the last 5 years and imperious,whilst displaying an ‘orgasmic’ brand of football,beside banging in goals.

The brilliance  can only be attributed to the proper structures,apt recruitment and a motivated personel.All these among others are what creates a condusive football atmosphere.All said and done,the players who are the main merchants of the team’s invicibility seems quite an unhappy lot,going by the recent turn of events in Tanzania.

My ever-reliable crystal ball reveals very disturbing times ahead.I see a team dogged by ticklish disquietness from players and fans alike due to financial dishonesty from the Rachier-led office.I see wrangles and swinish infighting overshadowing and crumbling down the player’s proficience.My crystal ball takes no prisoners clearly predicts axing of big players due to ‘politicking’ or ‘causing embarassment to the team

About the Tanzania  Cecafa debacle-or due ‘sabotage’.The dearth of a style that is ‘easy on the eye’ will be inevitable.Gor Mahia’s continental exploits will bungle,and therefore remains a mere will-o’-the wisp.

Gor  Mahia is endowed with a fair collection of thoroughbreds who can fit in any elite league outside the country and therefore deserves to be managed well and with tender care.Off field distractions coupled by unwarranted threats from overwrought yet witless fans,and bad-mouthing of players on social media is hardly what will make the fleet-footed midfield Nawab, Kahata to score sublime goals.

Or stir the free-scoring Rwandan import Tuyisenge into the right mood.Or make the battle-hardened Wendo more tenacious.Hum needs composure and the right frame of mind to do exhibit those sublime touches.Uh?

Players must be paid. I’m not a Jeremiah,but someone had to decode the messages from the crystal ball.In short  it has stated;Gor’s brilliant run will eventually be their poisoned chalice..Only time will tell.


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