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Opwora to spearhead Leopards administration

Opwora to spearhead Leopards administration

The is some light at the end of the tunnel after the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) directing the Sports Registrar to recognize the recently constituted Interim at Kenyan Premier League (KPL) giants AFC Leopards after months of supremacy battle as who should manage the team. With the appointed of the Management Committee (IMC) we can only wait and see if it will end the fights pitting two factions at the community club.

According to a post on the Kenyan Premier League KPL’s official portal, the SDT chairman John Ohaga AFC Leopards had formed a ten member interim committee to run the club’s affairs with Opwora as the Chair and submitted a list of mandated officials to Sports Registrar Rose Wasike and that the admin will undertake full control of the team under Interim Management Committee [IMC] banner for a period of 120 days before fresh elections are done.

Mathews Opwora and Dan Mule , were handed the leadership mantle to steer the committee with Dan Mule as the vice chairman and Opwora as Chairman while Maurice Murunga Osundwa will serves as the club’s Secretary General. Suleiman Angulu will be Osundwa’s deputy while former Secretary General Asava Kadima has been listed as deputy treasurer.

The mandate of this Interim Management Committee will be for a period of one hundred and twenty days from 22nd December 2015,As directed by the Tribunal, the committee will run all affair of the club, key being organising for election of new officials and amendment of the constitution to align with the Sports Act.

“The mandate of this Interim Management Committee will be for a period of one hundred and twenty days from 22nd December 2015, and will automatically expire on 20th April 2016 unless otherwise lawfully extended or until the Interim Management Committee is replaced by a duly elected committee of the club in accordance with the direction of the tribunal,” Ohaga is quoted as having stated in the letter to the registrar.

Complete list AFC Leopards’ Interim Management Committee. Chairman – Mathew Amukowa Opwora, deputy chairman – Dan Mule Anthony, secretary general – Maurice Murunga Osundwa, deputy secretary general – Suleiman E. Angulu, second deputy secretary general – Douglas Simiyu, treasurer – Maurice Milimu Amuhawa, deputy treasurer – Asava Kadima, organising secretary – Noah Wanyama, deputy organising secretary – Peter Lichungu.

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