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Part 1: The Greatest African Footballers in Recent Times

Part 1: The Greatest African Footballers in Recent Times

If you are a football fan, you will be familiar with the greatest African football players of all time as well as their contribution to the sport on a wider scale. In the past decade alone, the region has emerged as a leading source of some of football’s top talent with a growing number of clubs shifting their focus to the continent in search of players that can thrust their teams to new heights. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the greatest African football players of all time.


Abedi Pele

Abedi Pele is a former professional footballer who rose to fame as an attacking midfielder and as the captain of the country’s national team. As a result of his various successes, he is widely regarded as one of the continent’s greatest footballers of all time and the greatest footballer of his generation. In the years that followed, he also played for a number of European teams with record-breaking success at both Lille and Marseille with the latter responsible for his win at the UEFA Champions League in 1993. As a result, he was a mainstay at a number of top-rated online casinos and sportsbooks in the region including 10bet Ghana.


Andre Onana

In the years following his professional debut at Barcelona, Andre Onana has caught the attention of managers at the helm of some of Europe’s most successful clubs. It was at AFC Ajax, however, where he really made a name for himself. As the team’s goalkeeper, he played a key role in their success at the UEFA Champions League last year and wowed fellow players and spectators alike with his speedy reflexes and his uncanny ability to stop the ball in its tracks. With a successful career at a number of world-class teams under his belt before the age of 25, the future is bright for this young Cameroonian player.


Mbwana Samatta

Mbwana Samatta is the first Tanzania-born football player to not only sign for and play for the Premier League but also score for the elite football league during his time at Aston Villa. This came just years after he was voted the best African player on the continent and the 2017’s Most Influential Young Tanzanian in a poll. As a result, he is one of the region’s, and the world’s, most popular football players and a familiar sight on a number of online sportsbooks, such as 10bet Tanzania, with fans lining up to place their bets on what record-breaking victory he will achieve next.


Thomas Partey

There isn’t a single list of the greatest African football players of all time that would be complete without the name of Thomas Partey appearing at some point. At only 28 years old, he has achieved what many great football players can only dream of and is, therefore, deserving of his title as one of the greatest African football players of all time. The Ghanaian native has played for a number of teams during his professional career so far including Mallorca, Atletico Madrid, and, as of 2020, Arsenal. He has suffered from several injuries during his short span at the London-based club so far but has already shown great potential and is set to make waves as he continues to grow and develop on the heels of receiving the title of the Ghana Player of the Year in 2018 as well as the following year in 2019.


Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah plays as a forward for Liverpool as well as being the captain of the Egypt national team. He is widely regarded and highly praised for his natural ball dribbling ability, turn of speed, and finishing in front of goal. As well as contributing towards the success of each and every team he has played for, including Basel, Chelsea, and Roma, he is widely considered to be one of the greatest football players in the world. He may have only joined the Merseyside-based team in 2017 but he has gone on to win the Champions League and the Premier League, breaking a number of notable records, and pick up the prestigious golden boot during his short-lived tenure so far. As a result, all eyes are on Mohamed Salah as continues to make waves across the industry and shock football fans all over the world with his first-class skills on the pitch.


When it comes to producing the greatest talent the sport of football has ever seen, Africa ranks fairly high on the list. With Abedi Pele, Andre Onana, Mbwana Samatta, Thomas Partey, and Mohamed Salah making their home nations proud by achieving global success for their respective teams, there is no shortage of world-class sporting talent in the world’s second-largest continent.

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