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Reshaping the landscape of CAF and African football

Reshaping the landscape of CAF and African football

It is without doubt that there is a crisis currently brewing in African Football as can be witnessed by the mismanagement of the game CAF’s leadership. It’s like a volcano waiting to blow in our face.

The 2021 Confederation of African Football (CAF) elections in Rabat on March 12, 2021, are going to change the landscape of the organization and management of the game. These elections will be very crucial in reshaping the corporate image of the continent’s football governing body.

These elections will either symbolize the rebirth of CAF or the end of football as we know it. With the coronavirus pandemic crippling the economy of the world, CAF have the opportunity to put its house in order before the elections by conduction a thorough introspection. CAF is the heart and soul of African football. Let us examine our conscious thoughts and feelings.

There is growing uncertainty about viable CAF is from a business point of view and the possibility of maintaining its commercial partners going into the future.

Ahmad, claimed earlier this year that he had not decided whether to run for a second term.

His first four-year stint at the helm of the CAF has been littered with controversy, including allegations of corruption and sexual misconduct.

One of Ahmad’s closest challengers who emerged from the corridors is Tarek Bouchamaoui, the most influential Tunisian Football representative at CAF. Bouchamaoui is also a FIFA Council member. At the moment, the other candidate is none than the Tunisia FA President Wadii Jarri who started a campaign a few days later. We should remind that potential candidates have until 12 November to register.

Bouchamaoui got his endorsement from the Tunisian government to run for CAF top job and will have to get support from the local Football Federation.

The 54-year-old announced his Presidential run in a letter to the Tunisian Football Federation (TFF). “I have the honour to confirm my decision to run for the Presidency of the CAF and to request your support and support for my candidacy to guarantee it every chance of success,” he wrote in the letter.

But following Jarri’s announcement that he will also run for the CAF Presidency, it is highly unlikely that Tarek will get the nomination from the TFF. It is a clear attempt to try and limit Tarek’s chances of contesting the elections. He brings a huge competition to the table in the presidential elections.

A member nation can only nominate one person from their country for election. A candidate must be supported by three member nations to be eligible to run.

One of the FA Presidents who sought anonymity tells, that Ahmad Ahmad , Faouzi Lekjaa and Abou Rida are  backing Jarri  just to spite Tarek .

“He wants to show Tarek that they can get his (Ahmad’s) boy into the CAF Exco and a deceitful CAF Presidency.  We shall see how this plays out,” said the FA president

Tarek can’t contest if he does not get nominated by Tunisia his country of origin even if he had the support of three other MAs. It is worthy to note that he has support of many FAs on the continent.

Over the years Tarek has been known as a man who is able is good at convincing FA Presidents who have always voted for him in huge numbers a record no one has managed when seeking elective positions both at CAF Exco and FIFA Council member.

In truth, Ahmad and his henchmen are looking for ways to tinker with statutes, ensuring that nobody was able to forward to challenge him but only the sanitizers

Therefore, a call is made once more for Introspection, an appeal to all MAs to not be intimidated by the hierarchy and ensure that a free and fair election is accorded to all those wishing to contest for the CAF Presidency.

An African football Journalist based in the town of Kabwe, Zambia. Kelvin is a former Media Officer at Kabwe Warriors FC, a professional team that plays in the Zambian Super Division. He worked there for three years. He is also a freelance Photographer and Graphic designer. A co-presenter of a Sports Show on Power FM local radio station in Kabwe.


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