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Scramble for African Football – CAF Exco Positions up for grabs

Scramble for African Football – CAF Exco Positions up for grabs

There has been much focus and talk about the coming CAF elections in March next year and most interesting the race for CAF President.

However, on the other hand CAF Exco positions are also up for grabs and candidates are now scrambling to take a seat at the highest football table on the continent. The race for the executive committee has some interesting hotshots lining up for a hot battle.

Tunisia’s Wadie Jary is the sole candidate for the Union of North African Football Federations (UNAF) and will most likely go through unopposed.

Other regions are more evenly contested as we see the battle for the WEST A pits Mamadou Antonio Souaré of Guinea against Mustapha Ishola Raji of Liberia. WEST B has Djibrilla Hamidou of Niger facing Edwin Simeon-Okraku of Ghana.

The Central Zone also has two candidates with Adoum Djibrine of Chad going toe to toe with Seidou Mbombo Nyoya of Cameroon. The Eastern region which is CECAFA has Suleiman Waberi (Djibouti) and Isayas Jira (Ethiopia).

COSAFA has the highest number of contestants with four candidates hoping to get a nod for one slot. The candidates are Feizal Ismael Sidat (Mozambique), Elvis Raja Chetty (Seychelles), Maclean Cortez Letshwithi (Botswana) and Arthur De Almeida E. Silva (Angola).

The CAF exco women’s seat is also hotly contested by Kanizat Ibrahim (Comoros), Patricia Rajeriarison (Madagascar) and Lawson Hogban Latré-Kayti Edzona (Togo).

Who will come out top in the scramble for African Football?


CAF EXCO seats:



1.Wadie Jary (Tunisia)


  1. Mamadou Antonio Souaré (Guinea)
  2. Mustapha Ishola Raji (Liberia)


  1. Djibrilla Hamidou (Niger)
  2. Edwin Simeon-Okraku (Ghana)


  1. Adoum Djibrine (Chad)
  2. Seidou Mbombo Njoya (Cameroon)


  1. Suleiman Waberi (Djibouti)
  2. Isayas Jira (Ethiopia)


  1. Feizal Ismael Sidat (Mozambique)
  2. Elvis Raja Chetty (Seychelles)
  3. Maclean Cortez Letshwithi (Botswana)
  4. Arthur De Almeida E. Silva (Angola)

CAF EXCO Women seat:

  1. Kanizat Ibrahim (Comoros)
  2. Patricia Rajeriarison (Madagascar)
  3. Lawson Hogban Latré-Kayti Edzona (Togo)

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