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The Origin of Sports Betting

There is something that is always exciting about sports when two opposing sides meet for a duel in which one of them has to emerge victorious. What makes it even more thrilling is when fans from two opposing sides are involved. At this point, a sporting event ceases to be just a contest but becomes all about pride and who will have the bragging rights.

When fans have so much belief in the teams they support that they would be willing to place a wager on the outcome of a contest, then sports betting comes into play.  Sports betting has been around for thousands of years, as people have always wagered on the outcome of a contest between two competitors. Research indicates that sports betting had its genesis in Rome. For many years it was only legal to place bets at the circus or at the chariot races that used to take place in the empire.


Modern Day Sports Betting and Terminologies

Sports betting has evolved greatly from what we used to have in the days of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, we have professional bodies that govern the industry and we have a number of industry players.

If you are a true football fan and you listen to football commentary or punditry every once in a while, you must have heard of the term bookmaker or bookie thrown around a number of times and perhaps you might have wondered what it means.

In simple terms, a bookmaker or bookie or turf accountant is an organisation that takes bets/wagers on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds (the ratio of payoff to stake based on the likelihood of a win, loss or draw). It is from here that depending on the deposits placed and the outcomes correctly predicted, you can then collect your winnings from a bookmaker.

If you’re looking to join a bookmaker then there are a few sites that can help you find the right offer for you. One of these sites is FootyAccumulators and their specialist bookmaker offers that they have accumulated all in one place on their bookmaker page. It’s definitely worth a look if you intend on getting the most out of sports betting.


Scramble for Africa by Sports Betting Firms

Africa has proved itself as an emerging market that offers opportunities for many business investors from all industries. Many start-ups are being introduced into the region and most are proving to be profitable.

The sharp increase in the quality of sports in Africa, specifically in football – with many of our African players holding their own against some of the big name players in Europe’s top leagues, has led to an increase in the number of people who follow the sport in Africa. Players such as Victor Wanyama, Rhiyad Mahrez, Yaya Toure and other African greats have helped to increase the following and improvement in the quality of the game in their home countries.

This transformation has offered a great opportunity for many of the world’s largest bookies to make an entry into many of the African countries. With the industry morphing into a multi-billion currency sector, the cake is definitely there to be had and shared.

Sponsorship deals with the local football associations and football teams has offered easy branding opportunities making penetration to the masses of football lovers very easy. The net effect of betting has been more support for local sports through sponsorship, as the companies fall over themselves to be seen to support sports and communities. This has helped ease financial burden on many teams and sports organizations in the region.

Each betting site offers its own unique set of features such as live betting, a number of payment options and number of sports that one can bet on. This is designed to cater for the needs of each betting sites own target persona. Many local firms are already copying from the business models of some of the biggest football betting sites here.

Concerns over the negative effects of betting like addiction have been raised, however, betting companies have moved to advocate for responsible betting and gaming. The main message is for those who take up betting should do so for leisure and not economic purposes.

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