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Swiss prosecutor launches investigation against FIFA President Gianni Infantino

Swiss prosecutor launches investigation against FIFA President Gianni Infantino

A special prosecutor has launched criminal proceedings as part of an investigation of a meeting between the head of FIFA and Switzerland’s Attorney General Michael Lauber, who had already offered his resignation.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino faces charges over his dealings with Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber, authorities said on Thursday. Swiss prosecutors have previously found indications of criminal conduct related to the meetings between the two men.

Last week, Lauber offered his resignation after a court found that, while Lauber’s office was investigating FIFA-related corruption, the prosecutor had had tried to hide a meeting with the FIFA head and lied to his supervisors in the Swiss judiciary.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino will face criminal charges and a likely jail sentence setting the state for his resignation.

Stefan Keller concludes that there are signs of criminal behavior in connection with the meetings between Federal Attorney Michael Lauber and Fifa President and the Valais Higher Prosecutor. It is about abuse of office, violation of official secrecy, favoritism and instigating these facts.

According to Article 14 of the Responsibility Act, criminal prosecution of members of the authorities and magistrates elected by the Federal Assembly for criminal offenses in connection with their official work requires authorization from the responsible commissions of the federal councils. This step is a prerequisite for opening criminal proceedings against Federal Attorney Michael Lauber.

The extraordinary public prosecutor of the federal government has therefore made an application to the Immunity Commission of the National Council and the Legal Commission of the Council of States for the authorization to carry out criminal proceedings against Federal Attorney Michael Lauber.

At the same time, Keller opened criminal proceedings against FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold, who enjoy no immunity.

The presumption of innocence applies to Federal Attorney Michael Lauber as well as Fifa President Gianni Infantino and Chief Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold.

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