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Then and now: Open letter to FKF president Sam Nyamweya

Then and now: Open letter to FKF president Sam Nyamweya

By Fredrick Nadulli,
Dear Mr.President ,I hope you spare a little time off your busy schedule to engage me in small banter.

Between today and the day you took over national office,a whole generation has been in existence.You have weathered many a storm,some so turbulent you were almost swept into sea.In essence,you know Kenyan football like the back of your hand.
Amazingly,for all the effort and time,the only thing that has come your way in return is massive flak.Fans and stakeholders have over the years,right or wrong,regarded you as the stumbling block in matters football development.Your staunch supporters may argue that you are a workaholic who is generally misunderstood,but believe me the larger fraternity would do anything,given a chance,to see your back.

You have received your fair share of stick Mr.President.You have a thick skin.
Be that as it may,today I choose to look at you from a different perspective.A sixth sense tells me by the time am through with this,the whole country will want to throw me under the bus,for you Mr.President .

I know you mean well for Kenyan football and like anybody else who attains public office,you want to someday leave a legacy.So far if your achievements are to be used as a yardstick of your work,you come nowhere near.Your landmark achievements can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I say its never too late.This is the time to put it right.There is no moment like the present.


Recently,it may have escaped the notice of many that the Harambee stars are grinding results.Sceptics will have their say on this.Am not sure what you are doing differently this time around,but for the first time in a while the stars look like a team reborn.Kenya is back as regional champions and with brave perfomances like the one in Nigeria,we have the potential to match the continent’s best.

The other day you signed a deal with a foreign company to kit the national team/s.Kenya has been a laughing stock for years for the way we dress our national sides.Although the finer details of the deal remain unclear,Harambee stars now look smarter.A neat,well equipped team is a focused one.Morever a budget airline sponsored the team with several tickets for the return Afcon match in Moroni.When your office begins to attract such endorsements,things can only get better.You have it within yourself the power to transform the Stars and make corporates fall over themselves for a piece of the team.


Mr.President you need to broaden your scope.You must get yourself an aggresive thinktank that may include and not limited to experts and/or former footballers to assist you look at issues from diverse angles.Dare I say it would be divine of you to extend an olive branch to suspended officials,the likes of Sammy Shollei,Dan Shikanda et al,for the common good of this country.True,being a former great footballer does not make one an automatic expert in administration.But if you sieve through some of their input,you will not fail to pick up a few positives to build upon.

I do not hold brief for anyone,but time is ripe to call a truce and start on a clean slate.You need to rid yourself of busybodies who are oft prone to pulling the wool over your eyes for selfish gains.Your office needs in place strong mechanisms enough to handle the demanding needs of national teams and a vibrant league meaning you have to delegate the work.

Desist from goofs like the one that saw the senior team miss a test match after clocking airmiles because of a logistical oversight.Such goofs mean you give your critics a perfect platform and ammunition to throw mud at you.It portrays your office in bad light.

If Kenya goes places,most of the credit will come your way for providing an enabling environment.True,you and the coach have occasionaly crossed swords,but such catfights must not escalate to irreparable proportions.The country needs consistency and continuity to grow.The influx of foreign players into Kenya is an indicator of great potential in a league that is competitive and gaining root.

A bad start and good finish is always considered better than a good start and bad finish.
Mr. President Sam Keungu Nyamweya  its time to roll up your sleeves and make your mark.One day in the fullness of time another generation will perhaps report a different scorecard on you.

Its not far-fetched. Only you brandish the magic wand.

N/B The writer is a former Kenyan International and long Serving Mathare United player

Appointed by CAF President Dr.Ahmad as CAF Media Expert. An expert on African football with over 13 years experience ,always with an ear to the ground with indepth knowledge of the game. I have worked for top publications including 7 years at until i founded to quench the thirst of football lovers across the continent. I have trained young upcoming journalists who are now a voice in African football.I have covered World Cup,AFCON,CHAN,Champions League,Confederations Cup,Cecafa,Cosafa,Wafu and many other football tournaments across the World. Founder Football Africa Arena(FAA),Founder

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