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FIFA brokered truce between South Sudan Football Association administrators and the General Assembly was penned today (Wednesday, August 10) in the Capital Juba.

A delegation from the world governing body headed by Jorge Mowinckel and Veron Mosengo-Omba after wide consultations with stakeholders from both sides of the devide came up with “Roadmap of the South Sudan Football Association until 2017” putting an end to a stalemate that had threated to derail the youngest member state of FIFA.

On July 30,an extraordinary General Assembly suspended among others SSFA President Chabur Gok Lei in absentia and the entire electoral committee, a move FIFA termed illegal and in contravention of the federation’s statutes.

The 5-point agreement reads as follows;

1. The Board of Directors will hold a meeting as early as possible, Saturday 13, August at the latest. The Board of Directors will meet to withdraw the decision of suspending the electoral committee and reinstate them in their duties.

2. The Board of Directors will convene an extraordinary General Assembly on 17 September 2016. The General Assembly agenda will have the following points;

– Election of the electoral committee
– Presentation of 4th financial report of 2014/15.
– Budget for 2016.
– Activity report of 2015 and 2016.
– Relevant amendment of the SSFA statutes regarding the situation of the new states and new local football associations.

3. The BOD will send to the members the place, date and agenda of the extraordinary General Assembly by 27 August 2016.

4. The electoral committee will supervise and monitor the local football associations elections and the SSFA elections in 2017.

5. The BOD will convene an extraordinary elective General Assembly on March 2017.


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