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Two Cameroonian soccer players have accused an Ethiopian club, Addis Ababa City FC of gross mistreatment after the club allegedly refused to facilitate their way back to Cameroon after aborted trials.

Thiery Nkwandjo and Handou Sidik Endemobo came from Cameroon under the invitation of the Ethiopian Premier League side from Pathos FC of Douala.

After the unsuccessful trials, Addis-Ababa City FC management denied to give back their passports leaving them stranded with no accommodation at the centre of Addis Ababa.

“The club threw us out having paid for us one way ticket to Addis Ababa after  promising us that they will pay the return ticket .

“When we reached at the club, we found players of other nationalities also in for trials.The club thus told us that they no longer need us and chased us out.We tried to get to our embassy here but we were denied audience,”said Thiery in an exclusive interview with

However, the duo refused to name the officials at the club who are beleived to be behind the players woes.

The players are beleived to have been smuggled into the country by unnamed local rogue agent who runs a catel in the  Western African country where there are an estimated 100 illegal football academies operating in Douala alone.

Coaches and other middlemen are beleived to haggle over the best players in the academies by making them sign binding pre-contracts – effectively buying them from their families – with the hope of making thousands of dollars selling the boys on to clubs in Africa and Europe but finally dump the players in foreign countries.


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