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Warriors -Perhaps don’t know what they want


I sit everyday and look at this team in the name of Kabwe Warriors. They should have been one of the teams that should have been an every season team in CAF.

They will always give you hope and think it’s that time that they would make it, only to disappoint you and remain a mid table team.

It’s a team that works around the same people and a rotation process which to me has left it at the same stage for a long time.

Now they have Chabby and they will only let him go after losing three games in a roll. They will bring in another coach when it is too late to salvage anything and comfortably end in the mid table.

Perhaps it’s time to make changes at the top and bring in new ideas to try to make Warriors big again!!

Otherwise they are now spoilers of other teams and best in escorting teams towards CAF. They can do better that we see at the moment especially that they have started reporting referees who are not handling games well. That’s something that tells you they really want results .

But let the reporting be factual as Nkole didn’t handle the Nkwazi -Warriors game.

All the best Njanji

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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