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We want 18-team league, Nick Mwendwa.

We want 18-team league, Nick Mwendwa.

New Football Kenya Federation (FKF) boss Nick Mwendwa has made it crystal clear that the federation is pro expansion of Kenyan Premier League from current 16 to 18 teams format.

Speaking during Simba Super Soccer, a magazine show which airs on Thursday nights on Supersport, Nick made it known that there is no two ways about the matter.

“KPL will kickoff as was scheduled this weekend, but in the next 24hrs we will sit down with KPL over the expansion of the league to 18 teams, this we want to happen this season,”

“We can go round and round about this but I can assure you that KPL will have 18 teams no matter the timing,”

Asked about the extra cost for the expansion, Nick was categorical that, there are partners who are coming on board to foot the bill.

The issue remained thorny last year, and was a point of serious disagreement between KPL limited, the company which runs the top league and the federation.


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