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Top four in the Zambian League is proving to be lucrative and it’s one bench mark that teams look out for.

According to the communique released by the Football Association of Zambia, the determinant to qualify for CAF will be the status of positions by the teams by week 35.

If the teams as stakeholders were consulted in this matter and they agreed then they are brave. For the first time in Zambia we may likely to have the champion of the league playing Confederation Cup.

After week 35, teams will still have a massive 9 points to fight for but apparently that for the first time will not be important as the last three games will only be a tussle to decide the champion and nothing to do with the CAF qualification.

My view and opinion is that this then reduces what could have been and epic finale to a mare boring end of the season and possibly having the not ready representative into the CAF competitions as of week35.

Again it depends what the clubs as stakeholders agreed if they were consulted . I would have hoped the clubs would have settled for more midweek games to beat up the 7th October deadline.

A look at the table will show you that teams as low as 10th position on 40 points have the realistic chance of finishing in the top four hence each minute of the last 10 games should matter at what point each team achieves at the end of the season.

Take note of the fixture line too and you realise that some teams have stronger opposition before week 35 and end up with winable games in the last three games.

I still think this needs revisiting or we have complaints as week 35 draws close with teams affected.

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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