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It’s an interesting season coming up!!!

There has been a lot said involving AM Welding after promotion and Bwezani of Soka25east talks to Mr Moses Mubanga to learn about the happenings with this newly promoted Club to play in the Super league in the year 2017

BWZF: Congratulations for promotion to the super league. Briefly explain your role in this team.

MUBANGA: Thanks, Briefly my name is Moses Mubanga. Am the CEO of Buildcon Investments who are the owners and sponsors of the team. Am also the president of the team.

BWZF: What name do we call this team. Is it AM Welding or Buildicon?

MUBANGA: Interesting, but the official name of the team is Buildcon FC.

BWZF: Why the change of name?

MUBANGA: At the beginning of the 2016 season and just after playing one game which they lost, AM welding was bought by Buildcon Investments limited of ndola. Buildcon already had a team which came fourth in division 2 northwest solwezi. After acquisition of AM welding , Buildcon investments did not pick a single player or asset from AM welding which they had just bought as this was part of the purchase agreement. Instead they got players from their division two Solwezi outfit and reinforced and then relocated to choma to play in Zone four of division one.
Another important clause in the agreement was the instant name change from AM welding to Buildcon FC upon contract signing. However Faz advised that since the fixtures had already been done the name change will be officially effected just before the start of the 2017 seoson.

BWZF: Reliable source says you have moved to Ndola…explain the reasoning behind the moving and abandoning the supporters of the then AM Welding in Choma.

MUBANGA: We have moved to ndola as that is where the owners/sponsors have their HQ. Also premier football has no zoning. The owners are Buildcon Investments limited situated on 9 daghamasljolf driv ,Itawa ndola

BWZF: Super league and already names like Jonas Sakuwaha linked to the club. What are the objectives of the team in the super league?

MUBANGA: We are currently assessing players and in the 3rd week of January 2017 we shall start revealing our new signings. For now the first phase of training just came to an end and we shall resume on the 9th of January 2017.

BWZF: General thinking say the team is sponsored by Dangote. How true is this rumour?

MUBANGA: We know nothing about Dangote as earlier said, I own and sponsor the team through my construction company called Buildcon Investments. Absolutely no connection at all with Dangote.

BWZF: Which stadium will you be using in 2017?

MUBANGA: We have secured Levy Mwanawasa stadium for training and match day games for the rest of 2017.

BWZF: What are the future plans of this team and what do you think will make this team stay up this season?

MUBANGA: In the short term we plan to survive but if we can go a step further it shall be a big plus for the team.

BWZF: Last remarks

MUBANGA : We are a new team trying to learn so many things but definitely we are in it to compete!! and may I say thanks for the opportunity to be part of this interview.

BWZF: All the best as you prepare for the 2017 FAZ MTN SUPER LEAGUE.
That’s it and we have the details that we have been looking for!!! The team fighting to survive relegation brings some unknown aspect in the super league and it would be interesting to see how they pan out.

2017 super league looks to be another interesting shot……..and we shall be there to take you through game and game !!!!!!

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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