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Well done Mchakamchaka @100

Well done Mchakamchaka @100

Swahili football Magazine show Mchakamchaka which airs exclusively on your world of Champions Supersport Channel 219 every Tuesday nights, tonight celebrated the 100th episode; I say Kongole.

In all fairness, I dare say no other show brings you nearer to the Kenyan game in your language of choice, Swahili, like Mchakamchaka does in the whole of the East African region.

With quality panelists at their disposal each week plus different guests who tag along to share their thoughts and experiences in the beautiful game, you can never go wrong tuning in.

Host Ali Hassan Kauleni is an authority in Kenyan football and Swahili language, so is Rashid Abdalla; if you enjoy the widely spoken language in this region (Swahili), then you never miss to learn a word or two from the two gentle men.

Former Kenya internationals Simon Mulama and “Kenya 1” Mahammud Abbas are a bridge between the past and now, they never put a foot wrong. Their technical knowledge of the game come handy when reviewing past matches.

If you are an active player then be sure to gain life skills from the two legends; how they made it then, and how they think it can be done today.

DJ Chris Darling will take you behind the scenes and show you the beauty of the game off the field; probably my best segment – I said it.

Mchakamchaka is the all round entertainment which the beautiful game serves.

Tonight’s episode, the 100th was even more special; it was a celebration of hard work,passion and love for our football which Supersport epitomises – it was a flash back to where the great dream began, and it was beautiful.

The future can only be better as the platform grows bigger. To players who are still active in the game, especially those plying their trade in the Sportpesa Premier League, grab the opportunity and use it to show what you are made of, positive reviews will for sure grow your career.

Again to Mchakamchaka hongera! make it 1000th edition.


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