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Zesco United in the verge of being crowned champions 

Zesco United are 8 points clear of nearest challengers Nkana and after the 1-1 draw of Nkana away to Red Arrows on Sunday, we saw celebrations from Zesco United fans accross the country on social media . But have the defending champions won the title yet? The answer is no and I will break it down for you here.
When can they win the title?
How many points do Zesco United need?
One point, that means a draw in their last three games .

When can Zesco United  guarantee being champions themselves?

A draw at home to Nchanga Rangers on September 26 means they will be crowned champions.

Anything else? What then can stop Zesco United in failing to win it on Wednesday?

United actually may not win it on Wednesday if. they lose to Nchanga Rangers and Nkana beat Green Eagles in Kitwe. That will mean the gap of five points with two games to play.

So even if Nkana beat Green Eagles, as long as Zesco do not lose on Wednesday, the title remains in Ndola . They would also be champions even without kicking a ball if Green Eagles do not lose against Nkana in Kitwe.

What Super League records can Zesco United set?

Zanaco set the new record of 81 winning points in 2016 when they won the title and Zesco can now destroy that aND add another record of 86 points should they win all their remaining three games. They have already beaten their winning title points of 2017 which stood on 74 points and with 77 points at the moment, we may have another new record.

So then can we say this is done and dusted?
Not as yet, the game of football has different faces which we have seen happen every now and then and as long as there is that chance statistically, Zesco United will have to wait until they render all chances null and void.

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