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The 2017 CHAN tournament finally came to conclusion this past Sunday, with last minute eventual hosts Morocco emerging as Champions.

They humbled the not so Super Eagles on the night via a 4nil drubbing. Congratulations to Morocco.

But can we extend the same sentiments to our own Chipolopolo, The Zambia National Team? That is probably a topic for another day.

After the close of the tournament we chose to find out from cross section of the football family with an opinion poll on how the fans feel about the Chipolopolo trainer.

The question was should WEDSON Nyirenda continue as the coach for Chipolopolo or an Expatriate coach should be engaged and the reaction was as follow:

572 fans voted and it should be noted that’s not the entire opinion of the Zambian football family.

181 representing 32% want him to continue as coach

391 representing 68% would prefer getting an expatriate and keeping Wedson as an assistant coach.

Apart from the voting, comments suggested that the fans that want Nyirenda to stay on as head coach, are calling on for the Association to improve his capacity of coaching by engaging him into more First Class training for improved tactical view of games.

Wada Wada has failed to qualify the team to the 2018 World Cup despite a late and courageous performance against some of the best nations on the continent.

He has also failed to get past the QUATER finals of the CHAN.

He has already lost the first game of the 2019 AFCON qualifiers at home to Mozambique in the group involving Guinea Bissau, Namibia and Mozambique.

He will have to turn things around in September as the AFCON qualifiers resume it’s journey. This will be another test to prove whether he truly is the man for job at the helm of Zambian Football Senior National level.

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