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When James Baldwin wrote: “People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence, long after that innocence is dead, turns himself into a monster” may have had former Zimbabwe Football Association President Philip Chiyangwa in his mind.

The maverick former football leader still insists he is the leader of Zifa despite his term ending last month on the 29th of March 2018, in a show that clearly proved to anyone else who may have entertained thoughts that Chiyangwa still has some time to run in office.

Events in the aftermath of March 30 have left many is a state of confusion.

Well, let me assist in dispelling any fears or confusion in the matter, although most of it has been posted here since January.

When Chiyangwa and his executive took office on December 5, 2015, it was premised by Congress decision to recall the then President Cuthbert Dube, who had been elected on March 29, 2014 for a four year period, according to article 38 of the Zifa constitution.
So, his recall by Congress necessitated the election of the Chiyangwa led executive at an Extraordinary General Meeting and Annual General Meeting according to art 32.10 of the constitution, ostensibly to finish the term of Dube. That was very clear and even Chiyangwa himself in his victory speech at the time acknowledged as much.

The cycle for Zifa election has always been March to March after every four years. This can’t be broken without violating the constitution.
Due to the fact that only properly constituted Congress can elect execom, the life of congress or assembly has to subsist to be clothed with powers to elect office bearers- the six members plus one from PSL and women football to make them eight.

So, the life of Executive Committee can not go beyond that of the assembly that elected them. Everyone from Area Zones to execom have their shelf life over.

No one can claim otherwise, unless they’re of nefarious intentions or do not know football. The notice of vacancy by Felton Kamambo and Pirai Mabhena who both came to office in the EGM of December 2015 only confirmed the status.

It is now expected of Joseph Mamutse Secretary General to write to Sports and Recreation Commission and copy Fifa in of the invidious position Zifa is in because of their failure to have elections at the appointed time.

Such notice will restore currency to this situation.
It must be noted that Fifa do not have the letter of notice of the status of Zifa, because such notice was not made. The lie being told about waiting for Fifa to respond will not help anyone in our game.
There has never been an opportune time as this in Zimbabwean football history for everything to be new.

Government can not allow this opportunity to pass them by. The SRC is expected to also write to government on the status of Zifa according to the statutes. And SRC Acting Director General, Joe Muchechetere admitted as much.
“You know we do not micro manage associations but we are very aware of the Zifa situation and at the right time, we will make our pronouncement on the issue and copy Fifa. We are also seized with the issue election cycles which Zifa can not flout without attracting our attention. We know the cycle of elections is four years and can not be changed by anyone without attracting our attention.
“Remember, the Zifa constitution is registered with us before anyone else and Fifa require that too before they can register the constitution. So we are aware and watching the situation and as it stands we have recorded that they were unable to have elections in March as prescribed in the statutes and up to now, we have no written reason from them.
“The chairman of SRC (Edward Siwela) is very much on the case and the public should not think we are sleeping on the wheel, but we need to do everything right as required by law. No one should operate outside the law.
“Who are we to do that when the new dispensation is preaching everyday on the respect of the law and statutes. If the country is going for polls in July, what should be so special for individuals in football? Law is law, if we flout it, there are consequences for that,” said Muchechetere.

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