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Amrouche ban reduced to Six matches

Amrouche ban reduced to Six matches

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The CAF Appeals Board at its sitting at CAF Headquarters in Cairo on 18th August 2014 to examine the appeal filed Adel Amrouche, former coach of Kenya, decided to revise the decision of the Disciplinary Board of 17th July 2014.

The Disciplinary Board suspended Amrouche for twelve months (12) based on reports from match officials of the match No. 8, Comoros vs Kenya, played May 30, 2014 in the Comoros city of Mistamiouli which counted towards the first round of qualifiers for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, Morocco 2015.

The report of the referee of the match and the match commissioner argued that the Kenya coach spat at the fourth referee and was subsequently sent off from the match.

The Appeal Board, considering the officials’ reports, the testimony of Adel Amrouche and having reviewed new evidence on the record, including the DVD of the game, the images provided by the appellant and the testimony of the Comoros coach who was a “direct eyewitness” of the altercation, concluded that there was “no certainty as to the facts alleged against the appellant.”

However, based on the DVD, the Appeal Board found that the behaviour of the Kenyan coach throughout the match was not blameless. He repeatedly engaged in disrespectful attitudes against the central referee of the match and the fourth referee, especially following his ejection.

For these and other reasons in the decision, the Board of Appeal acknowledged that Adel Amrouche was responsible for having violated sections 82, 83 of the CAF Disciplinary Code (CDC); relating respectively to the principle of conduct (82) and responsibility (83).

The Board of Appeal CAF under the provisions of Articles 31, 32, 33, 82, 83, 88, 117 and 129 of the CDC and Article 36 of the Regulations of the African Cup of Nations’ sanctioned Adel AMROUCHE with a suspension of six (6) matches without a presence on the reserve bench for anti-sporting behaviour effective 30 May, 2014.

The Board further imposed a fine of US$10,000. Costs and expenses relating to the proceedings before the Appeals Board CAF were charged to the appellant pursuant to the provisions of Article 58 of the Disciplinary Code of CAF. “

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