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Division One Zone Two Race for the BARCLAYS CUP 2018:

This is BWEZANI’S guide to the Barclay’s Cup race with fixture analysis and the potential chances to mess up for all of the top 5 teams in the hunt for that one slot representing Zone Two in the second tier of Zambian football.

You need to be brave to even sit and start analysing Zone two and which possible team is likely to make it . Without a doubt this is the toughest zone and hence picking on one team that will make it is not child’s play.

Nothing has ever symbolized Zone Two 2018 season more aptly because unlike the 2017 season which had a two horse race of Kitwe United and Kansanshi Dynamos, this is turning out to be a top five race that are all fighting for that one slot and extending for the super league promotion we could actually go to top eight.

In order for you to ascertain which team will make it , one must look at all the big teams, their remaining fixtures, the difficulty of the aformentioned fixtures and their present form; and that’s exactly what I am going to do. Am focusing on the top 5 teams because as was previously mentioned, “big teams” are going to be the topic of discussion, which means that Roan United and Gomes miss out.

It’s tight here and I will delve deeper into permutations with the three subdivisions of the zone two table for your perusal: Complete Table, Home Table and Away Table.
This will act as the reference point in case at any point in the article, you wish to look at how a particular team has been doing at home or away from home and what kind of threat do they pose. Mainly am looking at what the positions of the teams playing against the five are on the log table.
Here we go
Indeni – 1st, 27 points


Fixture List: Away to Mufulira Blackpool, at home to Ndola United and finish away to Roan United.

Verdict: They’ll finish first. Blackpool is one of the poorest form team in the zone and I tip Indeni to get maximum points in that fixture. Ndola United and Roan United are very well beatable by Indeni and the rate of conceding goals of these teams puts Indeni in pole position to maintain leadership and play BARCLAYS.

Konkola Blades – 2nd, 26 points.

Fixture List : if they had a choice, Blades wouldn’t have chosen these teams running towards Mid season. They play Kansanshi Dynamos at home, travel to Chambishi and end with Mufulira Wanderers. All the teams in the top five and this is a toll order.

Blades have the toughest fixture list out of the top 5, at least on paper, as their remaining opponents have an average position of 3rd. Their form has been good but nothing spectacular. They’ve won 4 and lost 1 in their last 5 games. These results demonstrate why Indeni has run away with the Barclay’s Cup slot.
Mufulira Wanderers – 3rd, 25 points

Fixture List: On paper the easiest fixture is ZNS Lwamfumu in week 14 but that too is tricky as that game is away in Mansa. In between that fixture Mufulira Wanderers have to play Chambeshi in week 13 and end with Konkola Blades in Week 15.The two clubs that are also chasing the BARCLAYS Cup slot.

When you factor in their great form defensively in the last 12 games you may be tempted to push Mighty for the slot but the challenge is it has a lot to do with how Indeni performs.

Potential chances to mess up: Is the poor form at home and with those two big fixtures against fellow chasers puts Mighty at a disadvantage.
Mighty will miss out, too much catch up to do.

Chambishi – 4th, 24 points.

Fixture List: Standing on the way before Week 15 are Mufulira Wanderers, Konkola Blades and Kalulushi Modern Stars. Not easy fixture and just like Mighty, two clubs are also chasing that lone slot.

Chambishi were expected to finish strong after a very good start but they became inconsistent after week 9 and that is the reason they are fourth. A bid to consolidate their position on the table is under threat and I don’t think they will manage this one.

Potential chances to mess up: Iie in the two big games though the Kalulushi Modern Stars game is a winnable one.
The push for the title is very on but the slot for the BARCLAYS Cup look far fetched.

Kansanshi Dynamos – 5th, 22 points.

Fixture List: Konkola Blades, Kalulushi Modern Stars and FQMO mining Operations are the nine points Dynamos are looking for . They would then have a maximum of 31 points while the maximum of Chambishi is 36 points.
No chance for Kansanshi Dynamos.

Kansanshi’s defence of their 2017 run has been feeble to say the least. Everything was going relatively decently for them last season as they finished 2nd on the table at the end of that season. They need a good run to manage this one and replicate that form. That win away at Mufulira Wanderers was massive but unfortunately for the Barclay’s Cup, I think it came too late.

Potential chances to mess up: Every game is a potential chance to mess up for the Kansanshi Dynamos who are not consistent this season so far.
Am done. Hope you’ve followed my comprehensive guide to the race for the Barclay’s Cup slot for Zone two and let me know of which team you think will get it.
I have gone for INDENI…….

Will come back for Zone One

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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