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With revelations made by players at Nchanga Rangers Football Club that players pay to play in the team, The Executive Committee has taken up the matter to probe and get to the root of this.

Speaking to soka25east, the Nchanga Rangers Chairman, Yoram Kapai explained that they had not heard of this and it was news.

According to the chairperson, the allegations will not be taken lightly, hence have engaged their legal team to look into the matter and report to the Executive Committee.

“We have a very respectable legal officer who we have now asked to investigate and report to the executive regards that allegation. To our knowledge, we have not heard of this and it could be that people are not telling us the truth but our legal officer is very competent, we will find the underlying cause of this and the Executive Committee will find the best way of resolving it. It is unacceptable if this is happening.” Said Kapai.

On the allegations of none payment of salaries and winning bonuses the Chairman said the matter is being blown out of proportion with the players that are leaving and others who have already left the club.

According to the Chairman, the players that are with the team currently are owed one and half month while most of the players that have left could only have arrears of one or two winning bonuses.

“And those players mentioned deserted the club, most of them their contract were coming to an end before they left. They did not even leave properly. Players who remained, we have arrears of one and half month. There could be just one or two winning bonuses that were not paid and they will be paid.” concluded Kapai.

Earlier players who sent messages to soka25east and chose to hide their identity said it was not only the ones that came out in open.

One of the players said there were a number of them that have not been paid. He added that the players that are still with the team will find it hard to come out in open fearing intimidation.

Nchanga Rangers survived relegation last season and they are hoping to have a better season in 2018.

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