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Djibouti Telecom Crowned League Champions

Djibouti Telecom Crowned League Champions

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Djibouti Telecom Football Club has been crowned the winners for the country’s 2014-2015 football Season. This is the 3rd successive time they are celebrating the trophy of Djibouti’s most-watched sporting competition.

The league winners received the trophy in a colorful ceremony held at the National Technical Centre on Tuesday in the presence of government and FA
officials and as well as club managers.

In their last match of the league, Djibouti Telecom left their AS Jeunes Jago in a painful moment when they humiliated them 9-0 on Monday.

Djibouti Football Federation president, Souleiman Hassan waberi, who addressed at the conclusion ceremony of the competition, said the league was more interesting than previous competitions and had attracted a huge number of spectators than any other past tournament.

“Congratulations for your winning of the league title for the 3rd successive time” said Djibouti FA president Mr. Souleiman Hassan Waberi as he presented the trophy to Djibouti Telecom’s captain alongside the director for youth and sport, Mr. Chirdon Khaireh director of sport.

The president thanked clubs in the league for their contribution to the football development in the small horn of African country to make football in Djibouti stronger.

Djibouti football has witnessed a lot of progress since after the young age president Souleiman Hassan Waberi won the leadership on November 10 2012.

In recent Arab women’s youth tournament in Doha, Djibouti finished second and went back with second place awards. It was the first time in Djibouti’s football history to culminate in such level victory in football. Women’s football is now top in Djibouti.

Beach soccer league is also played in Djibouti and national beach soccer team was created. All these are part of the tangible development programs made in the country since late 2012.

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