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By Kelvin Musako,

The debacle surrounding Zambia National team defender Isaac Shamujompa has finally come to an end as the Players status and transfer committee have made their verdict .

According the ruling by the Steven Lungu led committee Shamujompa is a Nchanga Rangers player.

Shamujompa joined Power Dynamos football club from Intersport recently but the transfer has been declared null and Void as Intersport where in no position to negotiate such a deal.


Nchanga Rangers, Power Dynamos, Intersport, Kalulushi Modern stars and Buildcon FC were all claiming ownership of Isaac Shamujompa.

Intersport by virtue of being the academy that groomed him and had a verbal agreement with the mother to pay his school fees while he played football for them.

Shamujompa joined Intersport in 2011 and had no contract with the club. He was sent on a two year long loan to Kalulushi Modern stars on a fee of K7500.

Intersport was playing in amateur league by then hence the issue of the transfer was a breach of the FAZ regulations as they were only entitled to training fee into the player reaches 23.

In the case of non- payment of loan fees by Kalulushi Modern stars their is no documentation hence the Committe could not proceed any further.

The issue of Nchanga Rangers and Kalulushi Modern stars is unenforceable according to the committee.

As for Power Dynamos contract with Intersport, it has been declared null and Void as Intersport had no capacity to make any such negotiations starting 28th June 2017.

Their is also the issue of Buildcon FC, apparently the player was not approached by either party hence there was a violation of FAZ regulations. A player can not be transferred without being prior notice or consent.


” For avoidance of doubt the player belongs to Nchanga Rangers,” The ruling read.

The committee has recommended a season long ban on registration of new players by Kalulushi

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