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Kansanshi Dynamos President Speaks Super League Experience so far

Perhaps the signing of Jacob Ngulube, Simon Bwalya excited the people of Solwezi and the unexpected could have been that of Beston Chambeshi but a radical overhaul of playing style will take time to evolve. But for now, the concentration for the Mabanga Boys will definitely be surviving relegation.

Beston Chambeshi appointed to Kansanshi Dynamos team was evidence that the team’s thirst for success was real by the club’s inaugural qualification to the elite league of Zambian Football.

The club’s executive had long targeted a place in the Super League and it became a reality with the team winning the two-legged tie against Young Green Eagles via penalty shoot outs! The joy that was and has never been experienced in the District pertaining to football.

With this ambition fulfilled by the victory on penalties over Young Green Eagles of Kafue, back in 2019, the Executive under the leadership of Club President, Mark Maimbo Silimi has since shown the desire of making it big and firstly looking at survival.

“For now, the objective is to survive and I think with the commitment of the players and technical bench, we seem to have the same belief ,” said the President.

Beston Chambeshi, who was appointed on a full-time basis after an 11-game run without a win is thrilled by the prospect of working with those players even if this team’s style is likely to evolve more steadily over the next few months while the new arrivals find their feet.

Regardless, the demand to challenge and get out of relegation fears remains just as intense, with Silimi having shared manager’s feelings and dissatisfaction at being in the relegation zone added to an unacceptable 25 points in 24 games, separated by goal difference in the relegation zone makes everyone worried.

Bwezani in his talk with the President asked whether Beston Chambeshi ‘s outlay in the latest signings demonstrated the Executives’ commitment to pushing for survivor, Mark Silimi said:

“Yes, his will to win has never decreased at any moment, and it will always be like that. He wants to win, and he backs it up. Our biggest aim, or our ambition, is to be able to challenge right to the end of the season for survival that is tight but we know we can manage. We are going to fight till the end which is not new to us, so there is an opportunity for the club and the players, but we certainly have to do better to make sure we survive. “

That’s what Kansanshi Dynamos dreams of and the addition of those attacking players, with interest maintained the core of the team that qualified the team to the super league, suggests there will be a different style of play at Independence Stadium in Solwezi in the remainder of the season.

This excites the President and knows what it means to the team:

“Certainly, with the influence of the new players once they are integrated, things will be a bit different because they have different characteristics and abilities to the other players. It’ll take a bit of time, but I know we need to win games as well and I don’t think you can expect a completely different Kansanshi Dynamos overnight.”

Asked if the team has really changed from the team that qualified the team, Mark Silimi explains:
“The majority of the team are still here and, with those players, the club have been very successful already. So, don’t expect radical changes. Everybody would like to play like the big teams in the league, but there isn’t another team in the world who play like them. It’s a culture, a way of life, a style they’ve produced through the club for many, many years. The aim for a lot of teams and clubs is to compete at the highest level. But, as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t one who plays like Kansanshi Dynamos and we should be proud. But I am excited by these new players.”

And on the players coming to join Kansanshi Dynamos, the President speaks:

“You look at what they’ve done at their previous clubs, and trying to bring them together to express their qualities for the team will be exciting. That is the challenge. We have a lot of experienced players, and the young players coming in are bringing fresh energy and balancing out the average age of the team. We’re looking for them to be here for the foreseeable future, for the next three to five years, and be the spine for new success.”

Mark Silimi, who conceded that it won’t be easy to survive remain optimistic that they have the material to fight until the end and continue in the elite the following season.

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