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By Fredrick Nadulli aka Razor,

Your Excellency,
I hope this finds you well. The youth of Kenya, your noble subjects, would have loved this to be for your eyes only, so as to guard against any red herrings that may be cast to distract you. Our society is full of masters of deceit, especially those close to the heart of power, who thrive on creating smokescreens at every given opportunity. Since generation next can ill afford to get your audience,they have thrown caution to the wind and let everything be in the public domain. They hope that despite any setback,t heir message will get to you fast and intact and you will respond to it pronto!
Your administration rode to power on a powerful youth wave. Your countrywide campaigns had youth written all over them. You made numerous promises to this lot, some of which are yet to see the light of day. In return and in anticipation of better days ahead, they embraced your manifesto and hoisted you to the highest office in the land.
Mr.President, from where am seated, I know you adore sports. Admittedly, you seem to have a soft spot for football. A little research from my small office tells me you played rugby for your alma mater, St. Mary’s school. You probably would have gone on to play as a professional had you not left to study political science in the US. However, a sixth sense stubbornly tells me Mzee Jomo and Mama Ngina would never have let their blue-eyed boy do sport for a living. Be that as it may, you enjoyed the game in school.
How time flies.
Now that you occupy the most powerful address, the house on the hill continues to play host to numerous visiting parties, from business moguls to diplomats to sportspeople. You hosted the national soccer team and even sponsored their trip to the world cup in Brazil. Recently, league champions Gor Mahia paid you a courtesy call and reportedly left with bulging pockets.


You went further and by presidential decree employed a top fan in the civil service. GOtv champions Sofapaka are soon coming. Many more disciplines have visited you. All this goes to show that even as Head of State, you squeeze time off your busy schedule to stay in the loop in matters football.
Sir,if you see the good things, then likewise you must get wind of the vices bedevelling the sport. As we speak, football administration in your country is at loggerheads. The KPL and FKF, two bodies that run the game are embroiled in a supremacy battle that if not nipped in the bud, will take football back to the doldrums. Both sides have taken a hardline stance. It is a bare-knuckled fight whose outcome will almost certainly be felt by the youthful players.


The bone of contention includes team promotions, league management and the thorny issue of (un)audited accounts among others. Its common knowledge, more so in sub-sahara Africa where it is rampant that whenever such wrangles surface, sponsors and other benefactors pack and leave without batting an eyelid. If or when that happens here, as it seems increasingly inevitable, Kenyan football will be as good as dead. It will go to the dogs, never to return.


Your Excellency, this is where the youth crave your indulgence. Someone needs some sense hammered into their heads. If these two warring camps cannot reach a middle ground and find an amicable solution, please wield the big stick sir. Get them to a round table and read the riot act. And while at it,get to the root bottom of football (mal)administration in Kenya once and for all. This may form a part of your legacy as it has proved a hot potato for previous regimes.
Some of our administrators by virtue of their high-horse positions, hold this country at ransom, toying with budding careers like puppets on strings. Time is ripe to nudge them to reality.


Mr.President, put your foot down now. This much you owe the youth of this country.

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