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Levi MwanawasaTwo stadiums similar in look but situated in different countries .Lilongwe is approximately 568 kilometers by road apart however the two cities have a magnificent look alike stadium .

The one in Lilongwe however is yet to be officially opened while the one in Ndola is the preffered stadium for the Zambian National team ,the Chipolopolo.

The Malawi’s news state of the art stadium ,the Bingu Mutharika stadium is similar in appearance to the Levi Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola .

A look at the two stadiums ,you are left to wonder why the two countries opted to have them look a like .

The structures are almost an item with very few distinctions .

They are named after former heads of state, Malawi after Bingu wa Mutharika and Zambia after Levi Mwanawasa .

They have similar designs with covered stands parallel to to the football ground’s length,facing each other likewise open stands which isbparalle to its width.

The position of the big screens are both fixed at the open stands behind the goals,a brown coloured runway with white lines surrounding the pitch .Blue and yellow colors are used in the stands .

The only difference is the capacity with the Levi Mwanawasa slightly bigger .Mwanawasa has a capacity of 49800 while Bingu has 40,000 capacity

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