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The Annual Migori Youth Peace Tournament is set to take place from 16th -22nd Dec 2017.

The refurbished Migori County Stadium will for the first time since renovation host the  matches .

This is an annual event of the Migori Youth Talent Academy. It attracts all football teams across Migori County where they showcase their talent and prove their might in football.

Soka25east spoke to the organizer and founder Aziz who said it is a competitive event that brings people together from beyond the boundaries of the county to enjoy the game. ” Migori County has a huge number of football fans that cuts across both gender. This is the third time that the tournament is being held following last year’s which was a great success, and which attracted 36 teams in the senior, under 15 and under 13, categories which are also in play in this year’s tournament.”He said

The objective of this tournament is to award talents as a way of inspiring better achievement in young people through football, by providing an avenue for capacity building in both social and economic aspects of life and for an improved livelihood.

This tournament also connect young players to football institutions and teams as a means of promoting talent, locally and globally.

The academy is using the tournament to  involve the youth during the holiday, as a way of averting otherwise negative behavior and involvements that may be detrimental to physical and mental health.

  1. The promotion of socialization and interaction between local communities as a way of promoting peaceful  com existence is one of the core missions of the tournament 



Follow soka25east as they will cover the six day tournament live from the Migori County Stadium

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