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The football sabbatical brought about by the unfortunate ruthless Coronavirus pandemic outbreak has not spared us drama that from time time characterises the battles between club soccer fans and executives of the clubs.

And the latest culprit is one legendary Zambian club in Nkana FC.

Its the blame game, that has surfaced in the recent weeks. Clubs supporters throwing in some sort of no confident vote.

But then all of a sudden we hear  the club President as being quoted saying Nkana fans are the ones to blame for the way people perceive the team including the sponsors .

We have already talked about the justfiable concerns raised by the fans but whether they have the mandate to petition the EXCO members to leave office is the discussion that will go on until the sponsors who have confirmed recepit of  the petition respond.

But we have to hasten to note here that the sponsors appear to be in the corner of the EXCO.

And as such we need to dwell a little in what the sponsors look at when it comes to failures of club administrators. The accusations labelled against the exco, may not necessarily be the dosage the doctors ordered for the sponsors.

We may want to say that some sponsors are not necessarily worried about the concerns of fans. Because they may not even genuine supporters of clubs. Theirs is the business promotion aspect of it. Or merely corporate social responsibility. That means, if their image, funding and a few other aspects are adhered to, then the boxes for good management are ticking.

That’s a big blow to the fans and unless new things come up, this looks like an EXCO win.

Then comes the issue of the Constitution which all of a sudden has become a key issue with both parties looking for clauses that would make their case strong for either side.

On preliminary checks it again disadvantages the fans as it is believed that there are no clauses in support of the decisions made by the fans to ouster the executive committee.

Again it gives fans an opportunity to see what role they can play in clubs and make it official with the clubs because as it stands , it is more probable that fans role actually maybe ending up in the terraces .

Don’t get me wrong , the concerns raised are valid and am sure the EXCO do see these loopholes but if it is true that the team is broke from the withdraw of sponsors as well as slashed monthly funding into half by the sponsor, the EXCO stands to actually be praised for still standing strong with the team.

Am also speaking from the terraces as it is clear that am one of those that looks like I can not get a cup of tea from  inside Nkana EXCO for these writings …..

As tough as it is for the club , this one looks likely that Kabila has bigger pieces on the checkboard left and because they know the importance of fans , they will surely meet the executive of the fans to chart the way forward!

It’s just the right thing to do….. think through the amounts the club makes off the fans!!

From the terraces!!!

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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