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No space on the bench for racism, nor in our stands

No space on the bench for racism, nor in our stands

Scott Robins latest RacismBy Scott Robins,

Racism has raised its ugly head again and for what reason ? Surely you shouldn’t need to stoop so low as to become a bigot and a racist because someone has performed well on the sports field. As fans we should stand back and applaud the feats provided by sportsmen and sportswomen all over the world as they strive in their efforts to put on a show for us, the fans! If you are disappointed with something happening on the pitch there are other ways to show your disapproval.

Obviously we are not dealing with people who have any sense of common decency and as such should ensure the minority are dealt with in the right way. Having lived and travelled this beautiful world of ours, I can assure you it is definitely only the minority who are so small minded.

Unfortunately Dani Alves has had to deal with racism for most of his career at Barcelona. The feats he has displayed playing for either Barcelona or Brazil deserved to be marvelled at not ridiculed. I really think it comes from ignorance or pure jealousy at its highest.

Obviously the fans who are chanting these racist slurs can only come up with such derogatory comments as they have neverbeen a someone themselves. Why is it human behaviour to belittle those who have tremendous talents; it cannot be anything else other than jealousy.

If you are a true fan of the beautiful game you should sit back in amazement about what some of these players have bought to the game. The likes of Samuel Eto, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Alves the list goes on who have been the taunts of racist slurs but these players are some of the greats of our game.

One would think clubs and associations from all levels would look to eradicate this behaviour from fans straight away. As a fan of the beautiful game we should also help to stamp out such behaviour. Only when everyone combines together will we get to the bottom of this issue.

There are many actions that can be taken to stop this behaviour happening. Some of these include but are not

limited to the following –

– Giving fan / spectator a life time ban

– Taking points off the offending team

– Making that team play behind closed doors so that no one gets to see the game

– Fining teams for their fans behaviour

– Kicking the team out of the competition

The above penalties might seem harsh to some, but when we make tough decisions action happens. Clearly it is the majority who are penalised by most of the suggestions above. However, by taking such a stance against racism it will help eradicate it from our game all together.

Surely as a fan of the beautiful game you want to see the action on the pitch and marvel at what each country brings to this beautiful game we call football (soccer). At the end of the day we are all human beings, when you strip away the exterior we all bleed red and we all break the same bones. We all need to unite and stand up against racism, this way we can help weed out the minority so the majority can enjoy the spectacular happening before us.

Bring on the World Cup!

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N/B The writer is a sports management expert and also the Finance and Operations Directo at one of the largest Sports  Tv Graphics companies Alston Elliot

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