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Dan among the top scorers so far

When we all thought Real Nakonde would struggle in the super league, they have hit the season running , losing only one so far, drawing three and winning one is already a good start for a team coming to the super league for the first time.

Four teams will be demoted at the end of the season still, but will NAKONDE be one of the teams!

Bwezani talks to Dan Mathews Silavwe , Real Nakonde captain and who a lot would think he is a striker ….

Bwezani: Dan , first things first just tell us about yourself

Mateo: Nothing much Bwezani, I am Dan M Silavwe a Real Nakonde player I was born in Nakonde am a third born in a family of six

Bwezani: Share with us your football career history

Mateo: I started playing football in Nakonde at Rimon Youth Academy in 2005-2012 then I went 2 Nampundwe in 2013-14 in Division One South by then we only had two division One divisions of orth and South before the zones were introduced. Came back to Nakonde when Real Nakonde qualified into division one in 2015 and that’s were I have been until today .

Bwezani: We saw you bung some goals for Real Nakonde in division one. Just how do you manage to do this from the midfield role and a lot of us actually thought you are a striker ?

Mateo: No no am not a striker Bwezani, and Yes in division one I managed to score 11 goals and am happy that too helped the team to do well and make it into the super league. Football is a tea! game game and it doesn’t mean that when you are a midfielder then you are only a ball passer , everyone is called to score goals . It is also my duty to score and the ultimate goal is that we win as a team and not Mateo alone .

Bwezani: You have continued in the Super league among the eight top scorers with three goals! How does that make you feel?

Mateo: Bwezani of course am happy for my team because the goals are heklimg us not to drop all the points but we are getting something from these games. Ultimately I thank God for all these things happening.

Bwezani: A lot of e people including Bwezani still thinks Real Nakonde will struggle and eventually get demoted, what is your reaction to such comments?

Mateo: We know and we have read a lot about it but I think its that which also pushes us more. But I think its too early to start talking about relegation. Bwezani the league is still on and people should be patient enough , Relegation teams Ade only known at the end of the season, not at the start.

Bwezani: So far so good Six points in the bag and out of that dreaded red zone. Do you think you can continue staying out of that relegation zone?

Mateo: That’s my hope and according to what I have seen in the five games played, am very sure that we are not going back into that red zone of yours.

Bwezani: A lot of people have not yet watched Real Nakonde and they maybe thinking it is mare lucky! What is pushing the club according to you?

Mateo: I think for Real Nakonde it’s team work and seriously working together and enjoying what we are doing. Its working for us and am sure it will continue keeping us together.

Bwezani: Which game was the most exciting so far in the last five?

Mateo: So far each game has a story of it’s own and very exciting Bwezani. Remember we brought Super League for the first time in this region. So the first game was amazing! Going to play Forest and getting a point was another good experience. Losing against Red Arrows even in a loss you would see our fighting spirit and going down southern province to pifk a point was amazing! I won’t forget the win against Mufulira Wanderers…. All have been exciting .

Bwezani: Which game do look forward to?

Mateo: For us is one game at the time and what we are concetrating on right now is Konkola Blades encounter coming up in week six.

Bwezani: If you say Real Nakonde won’t be relegated ! which teams are you seeing going down?

Mateo: I don’t know as long as we save and make sure Real Nakonde doesn’t go down and as I have said it won’t be Real Nakonde.

Bwezani: Which team do you see getting the league title?

Mateo: Interesting question but difficult to answer any team can win the league. This is not a season were today we can be sure to say such such a team will win it.

Bwezani: All the best Dan!!! Your last remarks.

Mateo: Thanks Bwezani for having me here and honestly want to thank you for your role in promoting Zambian football. You are doing amazing work in this country. Much appreciated.

Bwezani: Welcome Dan and all the best

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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