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It would not be far-fetched to say football runs in the blood, more so of players who have had most if not all their children play football as well as they did. One of the most recent players to be in the limelight are sons of former Ghanian national team captain Abedi Pele (not to be confused with Pedro Pele or Pele)

The former three time African player of the year said it was special to watch his sons; Jordan and Andrew Ayew make premier league debuts earlier this month. Jordan played for Aston Villa against Bournemouth while Andre Ayew managed a spectacular goal for Swansea against Chelsea.

Abedi, like any caring father, made sure his sons got the best opportunities to develop their careers even helping them in their move from France, where they were born and so far spent their professional careers. Both extraordinary boys have played for Marseille. Andre transformed into one of the key players in Marseille while Jordan moved to Sochaux and Lorient where skill and good form managed to get him to Aston Villa.

Abedi believes the French and Spanish have the best teaching methods for developing young players and felt this was imperative for his sons to grow up there and receive the same training that he did. Abedi Pele also played for Marseille, Lille and Lyon.


The older of the two, Andre Ayew ,25, has had an easier and marvelling start scoring against the Premier League giants Chelsea. He managed another goal against Newcastle solidifying their 2-0 win.


Despite his goalless start, Abedi believes his youngest son Jordan, 23, to be the most talented and was quoted saying, “He will be big. I have seen players like him start slow and then explode. We saw Cristiano Ronaldo start and then explode later. He cut out all the antics and from the age of 25 all he cared about was goals. That tells me there is room to develop and be successful.”
What will be most challenging is to watch both his sons go head to head in October, when Swansea ply Aston Villa, but then again he watched his sons score against each other when Lorient played Marseille.
“We talk on the phone everyday and that love of fatherhood will be there on both sides.”

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” ― Lou Holtz

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